Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday's Faces from the Past - Did you go to The Loomis School?

My father, Stephen David Matthews, graduated from The Loomis School (now Loomis Chaffee and co-ed) in Windsor, Connecticut, in 1954.  I have been scanning his slides and wanted to post his handful of photos of his schoolmates to see if anyone out there finds them.  Please let me know if you see yourself or someone you know.

"The Boys"

Jon Rieger


"Bill Cooke"


Graduation 1954


  1. Great collection of photos. I hope someone is able to help you identify these pictures. I would be so thrilled to stumble on photos of my own parents when they were young!

    1. Me too, although, you would think I have enough!

  2. What handsome boys. I hope their families find them here and you'll let us know.

    1. I definitely will. I hope someone out there stumbles on the school photos I've posted.


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