Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sepia Saturday #270 - Dogs

It has been a while since I have dropped in on Sepia Saturday in time to find a theme in which I could participate.  Among this week's themes is "dogs".

Since buying my new scanner in December I have been scanning my fathers multitude of slides (18 carousels and some loose.)  At the moment I am rescanning the first carousel which I originally scanned six years ago with my first slide scanner.  This scanner is orders of magnitude better than the other one so it is definitely worth the effort.

Anyway, I just today rescanned these slides of my father's dog, Pennie which he must have gotten sometime around 1950.  I don't remember that he spoke much about her, but I know he always loved dogs.


  1. Pennie is cute as the dickens. I wonder what sort of dog she is? She looks like a miniature Collie? I wonder what someone said to her when that 3rd picture was taken? Look at her sit up and take notice with ears on high alert!!! So cute.

  2. Pennie is a sweet looking dog. Maybe there was a bone involved in the last photo. These cans of slides look pretty good.

  3. Such a bright and alert expression on that Pennie.

  4. Pennie looks lovely and friendly. I have a negative and slide scanner but results so far have not been that good - I guess you get what you pay for, and this one wasn't terribly expensive.

    1. Mine wasn't either. Its an Epson Perfection V370; a flatbed with an tool for slides and negatives. I ordered it online from

  5. I remember when I was 5 or 6 there was a collie that sat on the porch of one of the houses we walked pass on the way to church. Such a beautiful dog, and never barked at us.

  6. She looks like a Rough Collie to me.

  7. She is just adorable! She reminds me of one of my beloved dogs, her mother was full collie and we're not sure what her daddy was, but she was the best most beloved and smartest dog ever.


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