Thursday, May 16, 2019

George Lakin Parker and Halley's Comet

About two weeks ago, my mother and I set out on a road trip from Long Island to Ottawa, Ontario to see family and, of course, do some research.

On our second day in Canada, we drove the twenty minutes to the Gatineau branch of the Bibliotèque et Archives nationals du Québec to see the journal of our ancestor, my 2nd great-grandfather, George Lakin Parker.

This journal turned out to be about 80% cash book and 20% journal but was very interesting nonetheless. I learned that in the last years of his life George journaled most about the weather, planting vegetables and traveling, mostly to Ottawa and Montreal. I learned that he was very formal, referring to his married daughters as Mrs. Smith (my great-grandmother) and Mrs. Wilson and I also learned that he saw Halley's comet in May of 1910.

Halley's Comet, saw it this ? from 1/2 past three to 1/2 past 4
Planted 2nd lot Dutch setts
Sowed carrots and beans

After I noticed that George would sometimes go back and correct or add entries after the fact, I thought I should verify the date of his recorded sighting which was May 16, 1910. I first checked the Buckingham (Quebec) Post, the most local paper to George which was edited by his son Albert Hamilton Parker. The Google News Archive doesn't have all of the issues for that month, but it did have all of the issues that month of the Ottawa Citizen.  The biggest news story at the time was the death of King Edward VII (which George Parker noted on the correct date), his funeral and the ascent to the throne of King George V. The coming comet sighting did get a small mention on Monday, May 16th but said that it would be visible in the early hours of May 19th. Other papers that I checked, the Stanstead Journal (Quebec) and The Montreal Gazette (Quebec), didn't mention the event at all that I could find. This surprised me because when Earth last passed through the tail of Halley's comet in 1986, I remember hearing about it for months especially because we didn't have great visibility in the Northern hemisphere and the best viewing was going to mean taking a trip to Australia if memory serves. Just another reminder of presentism; we cannot assume that similar events are of equal importance 76 years apart and impose present viewpoints on the past.

George's last entry in this book was in January of 1915; he died at the home of son Albert Hamilton Parker on February 17, 1915, after a short illness. This journal was found in the offices of the Buckingham Post that Albert edited, I wonder if a historical society or family members we have yet to meet have the others or if they have been lost to time.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Honor Roll Project - Bethpage, NY

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed this Honor Roll in Bethpage, NY to make the names visible to search engines like Google and Mocavo so that family researchers may find them. Please consider finding the Honor Roll(s) in your town or village and transcribing them on your blog or website. And even if you don't have a blog or website, see the Honor Roll Project for instructions on how you can submit a transcription.

Bethpage is home to the library that hosts two of the genealogical society meetings I try to attend every month, the Irish Family History Forum and the Italian Genealogical Group.

Bethpage is most widely known, however, as the home of Northrup Grumman, the company that designed and built the Lunar Module for the Apollo missions.

This memorial is located at the Bethpage Community Park at 1001 Stewart Avenue, which is also home to the Town of Oyster Bay Skate Park and Skating Rink.

 The thing I love most about this memorial is this plaque.

It isn't entirely clear if the high school band mentioned here had the plaque made or just did the research to find the names of the fallen, but they are responsible for its inclusion either way and I love that.

Guido Farinaro
Otto C. Grabow
James M. Hasenflug
William F. Henaghan
Leonard F. Jantzen
Stephen Karopczyc
Gerald W. McCaffrey
Peter R. McCarthy
Michael R. Morgan

The only other Honor Roll here is for World War I. I would feel safe in assuming that like other plaques I have photographed, the stars next to three of these names indicate that those men were killed in action.

Raphael Amendola
Lewis J. Bourguignon
★ George Benkert, Jr.
Herman Brandt
★Benj. Bartovitch
Frank Campagna
Milton J. Deubel
John Garrett
Gustave Gloeckler, Jr.
Louis Hoebel
Edwin Henn
Jason D. Howell
Townsend Jackson
Clarence Jackson
Henry Koehler
William Kranz
Frank Klug
Fred. W. Lauman
Jacques Liandier
Milton Leslie
Sidney Leslie
Walter Leslie
William Loftus
William Margot
Arthur McCord
★ Archibald McCord
Jacob Miller
Edward Nardi
Joseph Niemczyk
Herman A. Ott
John V. Olsen
Humbert Possenti
Edwin A. Stevens
Carl Schwartz
Henry Stumpel
Harry Seaman
William Vogtlander
Henry A. Wagner
Valentine Walsh
William Winter
Vincent Winter
Joseph Zuk
Alfred J. Zwickert
William H. Zwickert

Although these are the only rolls of honor here, three plaques remember those who served in World War II and those who gave their lives in the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Also remembered at this memorial are two firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Captain Joseph Dunn
Fireman Robert Hassett

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Honor Roll Project - Freeport, NY

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed this Honor Roll in Freeport, NY to make the names visible to search engines like Google and Mocavo so that family researchers may find them. Please consider finding the Honor Roll(s) in your town or village and transcribing them on your blog or website. And even if you don't have a blog or website, see the Honor Roll Project for instructions on how you can submit a transcription.

Seeing all these different concepts for memorials in villages in my area has been so interesting and I have been really intrigued by this memorial in Freeport since seeing images online a few months ago. This memorial is actually part of the village's public library. And, according to a comment left below by librarian, archivist and public historian, Regina Feeney, it is the first war memorial library in New York State.

The names of some famous battlefields are engraved along the top of the building, plaques are attached to its outer walls and one of its windows is dedicated to Gold Star Mothers.



WAR OF 1812












In front of this window is the Honor Roll.

Another feature that makes this memorial stand out to me is that it is the first I have visited which even mentions the wars before World War I and lists names from the Civil War and Spanish American War on its Honor Roll.

The memorial does not indicate if these are residents who served or are residents who were killed in action, although it does make reference to "their supreme sacrifice."


Treadwell Bedell
William T. Golder
John Hutchinson
Benjamin F. Losee
William R. Mead
Dandridge B. P. Mott
Joseph Mott
Enoch Mulliner
Elijah K. Raynor
William Seaman
Cornell L. Simonson
Asa Smith
Vanderveer Smith


Charles Gombert
Asa L. Johnson
Charles A. Scott


Thomas Willis Benham
Emile C. Berard
Theodore de Kruijff
William F. Downs
William E. Ensko
Charles Gantt
Charles P. Gould
Mabel Pauline Guest
E. Stanly Hart
Harold C. Hubert
John Intellisano
Charles Jordano
Harold Earl Maxon
Henry T. Mohr
Henry Morrison
James C. Rich
Arthur J. Smith
William Clinton Story
John J. Thurston
James E. Vetal
Osbourne Wells
Walter Whittaker
Townsend C. Young


Onorado W. Agnitti
Norman E. Andersen
John E. Berdich
Robert H. Bergman
Saul W. Berson
Daniel C. Binneweg
Robert W. Bliss
Robert W. Boyle
Thomas E. Brittingham
A. Leslie Brown
Aubrey E. Burch
Frank D. Buwen
Donald J. Campbell
Kenneth M. Clay
James Collins
Richard Crouse
Oscar De Loney
Robert B. Eastman
Paul G. Eberius
Berking T. Edds
Ira I. Edelman
Melford Elderd
Roger J. Ellison
George E. Gardiner
John Gildea
A. Theodore Goldsmith
Warren Gollender
Andrew G. Holmes
Donald L. Jackson
Charles M. Kearns, Jr.
Daniel Kelleher
Fred R. Licence
Ralph G. Licence
Frederick F. Madden
Robert J. Maher
Charles O. Martin
Wilbur F. McGinley
Henry J. Meyer
Nicholas L. Mileo
Frank A. Muldowney, Jr.
Patrick J. Muro
Paul T. Murphy
John W. Neuendorfer
William C. Pendleton
Richard Perlman
Arthur F. Polley
Carman J. Preziosi
Irvin Reich
Alva W. Rodriguez
Mortimer R. Salmon
John A. Schlegel
Alvin R. Schumacher
George A. Schutte
William A. Serby
Walter G. Sheard
Jerome J. Simandl
Warren H. Stevens
M. Blaine Taylor, Jr.
Arthur E. Temple
Bayard D. Tewksbury
E. Lee Theuman
John J. Vetter
John C. Viebrock
Walter J. Wascher, Jr.
Harold C. Wilson, Jr.


Ronald A. Canfield
Wilbur L. Bond
Clifford H. Craw
Felix Garland
Norbert Francis Holter
Edward C. Koenke, Jr.
Robert E. McAllister


Roger O. Clemens
Michael P. Donlon
Charles H. Emery
Gerald H. Faulkner, Jr.
Richard F. LaBarbera
Kevin Bernard McGovern
Dennis Patrick Molese
Thomas Lawrence Morano
Don Brown Parsons, Jr.
Viesturs Reikmanis
Victor Joseph Ruggero, Jr.
Bruce N. Sweeney
Gary W. Thornlow
Ronald E. Tuitt
Robert Michael Wainz

Also on the grounds of the library is this plaque to one of the men listed under World War I.

This tree was planted and dedicated Sept. 1st, 1919 by the Freeport Fire Department in Memory of Henry Theodore Mohr, a member of the Department and one of the first Freeport soldiers of The American Expeditionary Force killed in action in the World War.

Regina Feeney, the historian I mentioned above, along with a man by the name of Don Schultz, wrote the biographies of the men on these memorials in addition to other Freeporters who are not named. Follow this link and look for the .pdf files under each conflict to see the biographies.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Monthly Genealogy Progress - March

March was a far more productive month in terms of my genealogy goals than January and February, thank goodness!

In addition to posting for the Honor Roll Project and completing two hours of indexing on Family Search, I have almost completed my new public tree on Ancestry up to my second great-grandparents. For this project, I am making sure that I have documentation attached or referenced for all the facts attached to these ancestors and making sure that I have downloaded all of the available documentation from Ancestry in an organized fashion, meaning that all of this documentation is downloaded right away into an appropriate folder and recorded in my research logs in Evernote. I'm trying not to do any analysis of new documents for lines I am not currently researching, but as you probably know, that can be difficult when new information is right in front of you.

It is nice to see that as I revisit some of these ancestors and find new documentation (via hints, not new research), I find that I analyze and see so much more potential in these documents than I did before. It's great to read and take classes and watch webinars, but the true reward for me is in the new way of thinking and finding that I'm doing it automatically.

Last week, I finally made it to the Family History Center in Plainview to download some documents but they were having trouble with their firewall and I could not use ArkivDigital while I was there. I have no problem paying to access ArkivDigital, but right now I only want to look up a couple of dates and that isn't worth $42 to me. So, I'll have to wait until I'm ready to really dig into my Swedish lines and spend the time on the site to make it worth the price.

And after procrastinating for over a month since my package of archival tissue arrived, I finally got serious about rescanning my grandfather's three photo albums from about 1912-1917. I have completed the first album and started on the second.

In addition to working on my stated goals for the year, I also did a bit of research on one of Donald's Irish lines. I'm familiar with the issues that come with researching common names, but doing that in an urban center like New York City during a peak immigration period is something new for me. What a challenge that is going to be when I get serious about it!

This month I'll be getting ready to head to Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau (formerly Buckingham), Quebec on May 4th. I can't wait to finally get to the cemetery there!  I'm not sure about this month, but hopefully, I'll have more to post about in May after this trip.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Honor Roll Project - East Rockaway, New York

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed Honor Rolls in East Rockaway, NY to make the names visible to search engines like Google and Mocavo so that family researchers may find them. Please consider finding the Honor Roll(s) in your town or village and transcribing them on your blog or website. And even if you don't have a blog or website, see the Honor Roll Project for instructions on how you can submit a transcription.

East Rockaway is another village that borders mine and although I travel Atlantic Avenue regularly, I never realized that I was passing this memorial park every time. I'll have to try to come back for more pictures after Memorial Day. From some images I have seen online, the display of wreaths and flags is very impressive.

This memorial park contains a semi-circular brick wall with columns. Each column has an empty urn and a plaque remembering each of the men killed in World War I. Each of these men is also listed on the World War I Honor Roll with a ★ next to their name.

P. H. Farren

Fred Wanders

Vincent Higgins

Wilford J. Jackson

Robert Garrison

William Smith

William Goebel

Anthony Ray

In the center of the semi-circle is this monument, originally an Honor Roll for those who served in World War I, it now holds additional plaques without names for the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars.

Honored here are:

George O. Abrams
William Barker
Herman A. Becker
Clifton Bedell
Harold W. Beery
Philip W. Beery
Robert S. Besson
Louis Bleser
Clarence Boyd
Edmond Bremer
Edward H. Brennan
Arthur H. Brown
William Burden
William Clemente
Chas. L. R. Creagh
Arthur Dacey
Charles Davison
Lyman Davison
John A. Doherty
Edgar Ellison
Samuel Ellison
★ P. H. Farren
John J. Fennell
Oscar M. Forslund
George Gahling
Norman H. Gambel
★ Robert Garrison
Bernard Gasser
Charles A. Gasser
Joseph Gatti
★ William Goebel
V. Grandinetti
John H. Groth
Gordon Hamilton
George Hemingway
★ Vincent Higgins
Ernest V. Holmlin
Charles L. Hulse
Milton C. Hults
Merton Jackson
★ Wilford J. Jackson
Charles Jensen
Edward Jensen
Henry Jenson
James Jenson
W. Eugene Johnson, Jr.
Fletcher J. Jordon
John A. Kleber
Joseph J. Koen
William H. Koen
J. G. Kohl
Harry Langford
Matthew Kuckens
Myron Langdon
Mortimer Lent
Emil Lissner
Joseph J. Lynch
Loyal I. Mackin
William F. Mackin
Nathaniel J. Merritt
Percy Merritt
Prinano Minicone
Frederick Mott
Howard Mott
Wilbur G. Mott
Robert Nix, Jr.
C. H. Otersen
Chauncey Pearsall
Clarence Pearsall
Mitchell Pearsall
O. D. Pearsall
William Pearsall
William B. Powell
★ Anthony Ray
William H. Reaper
Austin Reilly
Herman R. Roller
Carl Ryder
Ray Ryder
A. J. Schratweiser
C. H. Schratweiser
Milton F. Seinsoth
Richard Seinsoth
P. Joseph Shanley
Thomas Sheridan
Eugene Simonson
Walter R. Smith
★ William Smith
Stewart Syerling
Carl C. Storm
Fred L. Strong
Walter E. Thornton
Rudolph Tschinkel
Alvin F. Van Wicklen
David F. Van Wicklen
Ernest H. Vigotty
★ Fred Wanders
Floyd S. Weekes
George Wellwood
W. C. Whitehouse
Jack Whyte
Donald Wilkens
Harvey Wood

(I have contacted the VFW in East Rockaway, but haven't yet been able to discover what the means in front of some names. If you know, please let me know and when I find out, I will update this post.)

Standing just behind the semicircle, in two frames is what appears to be a printed Honor Roll of those who served in World War II, with each list surrounded by reproductions of some iconic WWII images like the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima and the V-J Day kiss between a nurse and a sailor in Times Square.

If you would like a close-up photo of any of the names on these Honor Rolls, please leave a comment or contact me through the form on the right of the blog, I live minutes away and would be happy to do it.

There is no indication as to which of these people might have been killed in action.

Edgar Abrams, Richard Abrams, Jr., Clarence Ahrens, Augustus J. Alti, Henry Anderson, Kenneth Arnold, Herbert H. Austin, Margaret Austin, Ralph W. Austin 2nd

J. Wm. Bargfrede, Austin A. Barton, Eugene Barton, A. J. Beardsley, Charles Becker, Jr., Robert Benedict, Abram S. Benenson, Norman E. Bennett, Richard Bennett, Jay C. Benton, Frank Berk, E. F. Bernhardi, Jr., John R. Bernhardi, R. G. Bernhardi, Joseph Berwind, Harold Bessinger, Ralph C. Beyer, Donald D. Blake, Frank Blake, Edward C. Boarer, N. Boccalino, Beverly Boes, George A. Boes, George W. Bogart, Edward T. Bolton, Vincent Bolton, Geo. E. Bonagura, Joseph Bonagura, Robert L. Bonagura, Frank W. Bosch, G. Everett Bottjer, Herbert E. Bottjer, John Brady, Raymond Brady, J. J. Brennan, John J. Brennan, A. G. Brockwehl, D. R. Brokwehl, Wm. T. Brockwehl, Wilfred T. Brophy, Robert H. Browall, Richard W. Brower, George A. Brown, Jr., Harold E. Brown, James A. Browne, Jr., Aroyce M. Bruce, Harry G. Bruce, Morris Brush, William B. Brussel, Wales S. Buell, Jr., M. R. Burdick, Jr., H. Burgomaster, Stephen G. Burk, Byron J. Burke, John P. Burke, Gerard Byrne, John T. Byrne, Jr., Thomas C. Byrnes

Earl R. Cairns, James Cairnes, Francis M. Cale, Leroy H. Campbell, Wm. R. Campbell, Wm. T. Campbell, Edw. Paul Carroll, Leslie G. Carter, Richard W. Carter, Walter Casper, Chas. R. Castagnino, S. J. Castorina, John I. Catania, Robert J. Catlin, Jr., Charles J. Cato, F. R. Chidne, Carl Christensen, H. Christensen, Kenneth Christian, James S. Cinter, Francis X. Clair, John J. Clair, William F. Clair, Joseph Clark, Kenneth E. Clark, Vincent P. Clark, William Clay, Chas. G. Clemente, Thomas E. Clemente, William Clemente, Wm. J. Clemente, John D. Clemon, Maurice E. Click, George R. Cobb, S. Glenford Coe, Bruce D. Collins, Donald Collins, William A. Colson, Harvey Columbine, Leroy C. Combs, Melvin F. Combs, Henry C. Conklin, M. R. Conkin, Jr., Matthew Conklin, Warren Conklin, R. Connington, Gerard A. Connolly, Henry W. Cook, Howard C. Cook, John Cooke, John P. Cooney, William I. Cornell, Wm. F. Cornell, Jr., Charles P. Corr, Jr., William S. Corrigan, Cedric Costanzo, Edmund W. Cotter, Mary Cotter, William H. Cotter, Walter R. Cotton, John M. Craig, Wm. V. Creighton, Edward W. Cropsey, William C. Crowe, Eugene Curtis, Eugene J. Curtis

Joseph F. Daddio, Mario N. Daddio, T. Dalton, George Darcy, Ernest Darkmentko, C. H. Davison, Don W. Davison, R. S. Davison, Jr., Eugene L. Dean, Wm. J. Decker, Jr., Herbert A. Dehnert, Edward P. Delattre, A. H. Delemarre, Geo. R. Delemarre, John R. Delemarre, Robt. A. Delemarre, Ralph H. Dencker, Daniel A. Denis, J. R. Dennis, Richard M. Dennis, G. F. Deutscher, Irvin Deutscher, James S. Devanney, John C. Dillon, George C. Doherty, Thos. F. Doherty, Jr., Frank J. Dolan, John Dougherty, Jr., William Duane, Daniel E. Duncan, Jr., James A. Duncan, John J. Dunn, Rose H. Dunn, Rose Helene Dunn, Timothy J. Dunn, George Duprey, Arthur E. Durland, Andrew J. Durso, Edwin H. Durso, Andrew A. Dyke, Michael A. Dzinksi

Anthony Egger, Albert W. Eldred, D. E. Eversely

John J. Faber, Francis Farrel, Alfred E. Farrell, David D. Farrington, George A. Faulkner, Harry T. Faulkner, Wm. Faulkner, Robert Finley, B. V. Finnerty, Geo. J. Firedling, Stanley Fischler, Neir E. Fitzgerald, Joseph N. Flynn, Edward L. Fogarty, George W. Fogarty, Nicholas L. Ford, William B. Foy, Herbert Frank, Joseph Frank, Louis J. Frank, Edward T. Freel, Robt. M. French, Jr., William French, Francis Furey, Jr., James M. Furey, R. Furey

W. B. Galloway, Edward Garfinkel, M. B. Garrison, Clarence Gates, Burt Geraghty, Geo. F. Garaghty, H. W. Gerberding, C. L. Gerry, Jr., Walter A. Gerry, Robert A. Gerth, E. A. Giannotta, Theo. C. Giletti, Richard Gillies, William G. Gillies, Frederick Gleason, Joseph V. Gleason, Woodrow Gleason, Gerard E. Glennon, Maurice E. Glick, Alfred Glucksman, Chas H. Glucksman, John M. Glucksman, Alan H. Goldman, Gerald E. Goldman, J. L. Goldschmidt, R. B. Goldschmidt, Dennis Gonderson, Michael Gondon, Robert Goshen, Eugene W. Gracy, Arthur J. Graf, Charles K. Graf, Wichard D. Graf, Leon J. Grant, A. H. Greenstein, S. H. Greenstein, Frank Gregoloff, William L. Gregory, David I. Griffin, Joseph T. Griffin, Jr., B. R. Grosheim, Harry J. Grosheim, K. J. Grossman, Wm. J. Gubitz, Jr., Jack Guden, Leslie I. Gumport, Henry L. Guterding

R. J. Hagstrom, Harrison Haire, Richard L. Hall, James F. Halpin, Robert Hamilton, Nelson J. Hardie, John C. Harper, George Wm. Hart, Jr., Henry Hartjen, Paul B. Harvey, Alfred A. Hauck, Philip Hauschild, R. P. Hayhurst, Ray Hayhurst, R. J. Hemmings, L. Hendrickson, Francis J. Henrich, V. W. Herman, Robert F. Hesdorfer, George Hickirson, Everett Hicks, R. Hicks, Gerard Higgins, Helen Higgins, Richard P. Higgins, Edgar V. Hillert, Walter G. Hillert, Walter W. Hillert, F. E. Hitchcock, Jr., Wm. G. Hoagland, George R. Hodgins, Wm. L. Hoerrner, Robert Holmes, George A. Holmes, Harold W. Holmes, Helen Holmes, Roy Holmes, Paul F. Holmlin, Francis J. Hopkins, Edgar R. Howell, Gincy Howering, Bertram F. Howland, W. P. Hubbard, Robert T. Hubbart, George E. Huber, Edward Hugart, Edward Humes, William Humes, George F. Hunt, Walter Hunt

Paul E. Ingoglia, Vincent L. Inoglia, William H. Interman, Howard Irwin

R. Jackson, Elenore R. Jacow, Allen Jaques, M.D., T. R. Jennigs, Donald M. Jensen, A. J. Jesberger, Chas. S. Joanedsi, Oakley Johnson, Ralph A. Johnson, Ethel P. Johnston, Henry K. Johnston, William E. Johnston, Loring Jones, Richard Judge, W. Cameron Judge

John Kaesbauer, Walter E. Kaisen, Henry P. Kastner, John T. Keane, Arthur D. Keefe, Jr., Charles Keenan, George Keenan, James Keenan, John Keenan, Robert Keith, James C. Kelly, Stephanie A. Kelly, Ward W. Kelly, F. C. Kemper, Jr., Raymond A. Kemper, D. M. Kennett, M.D., Edward R. Keough, Allen Kerner, Lincoln E. Kieffer, Wm. H. Kiermaier, P. Kilcommons, Jr., William I. Killea, Richard D. Kindx, Eleanor King, Joseph T. King, Robert F. King, Vernon W. Kipp, Walter L. Kirch, Jr., Frank R. Kirk, S. F. Knakkergaard, Frank H. Knoll, Jr., Alva Knox, James E. Knox, Robert Lee Knox, Arthur E. Koch, Christian Koch, George Koch, Jr., Warren Kohlus

Warren C. Kohlus, Anthony Kohout, Jr., Ferdinand F. Kopp, Theodore H. Kopp, Eric H. Kronenberg, H. W. Kronenberg, F. H. Krueger, John H. Kuckens, Jr.

C.V. Lafrenier, Jr., James M. Lance, J. Andrew Lange, James P. Laplac, Alfred T. Lapp, William Lapp, Elsa H. Lass, Edward T. Lawrence, H. A. Lawrence, Robert E. Lawrence, Bernard F. Lenihan, Gertrude Lenihan, Norman F. Lent, Joseph P. Leodgar, Lawrence Lewis, Mortin Lewis, Frank C. Licari, Harold D. Liles, Wm. Lindberg, Jr., R. Linder, Salvatore Lioy, Norman J. Little, E. A. Littlefield, Harold Livingston, Armand L. Lubatty, Albert S. Lucas, John C. Lucas

D. B. MacDonald, D. MacDonald, Jr., Kenneth T. MacHarg, Joseph D. Mack, D. S. MacKenzie, Harry E. MacKenzie, George Mackin, Roger H. Mackin, Mark M. Macky, Harry J. Maeurer, Morton A. Magee, Henry Magrath, Thomas H. Magrath, Donald R. Manning, William P. Manuel, Walter Mapes, Jr., James F. Marigo, Jaddis Mario, Vincent Marshall, Donald M. Martin, June F. Mason, Chas. E. Matthews, F. A. Matthews, Jerome P. Matthews, John A. Matthews, John A. Matthews, Robt. D. Matthews. Wm. Matthews, Jr., Ralph F. Matzke, Robert W. Matzke, Catherine May, William F. McBride, Walter McCarthy, Walter E. McCarthy, Wm. R. McCarthy, William McCartney, Donald F. McCarty, James P. McCarty, Roy J. McClure, Herbert R. McCory, Robert W. McCory, Ruth J. McCory, F. McDermott, D. McDonald, Sr., Edward F. McDougal, Walter A. McDougal, Aston S. McDowell, Thomas McGloin, Eileen McGovern, Robt. G. McGovern, Stephan T. McGrath, Chas. G. McKenzie, John McNamara, Robert McNulty, Thomas McQuade, Wm. H. Meagher, Elizabeth C. Meath, Wm. A Meklenberg, Raymond G. Merkle, Albert A. Merritt, Howard L. Metcalf, Anne E. Metro, Douglas E. Meurer, Edwin A. Meyer, Robert E. Meyer, Burton F. Miller, D. R. Miller, Jr., John Miller, Ralph H. Miller, Alfred Moeller, W. Henry Mohrmann, Edwin J. Mooney, Thomas Moore, William F. Moran, John R. Morano, Lars Mord, R. P. Moriarity, M. L. Moscowitz, Fred Mott, Howard H. Mott, Nathaniel Mott, F. Ernest Mueller, Gerald E. Mullen, Alvin Muller, Arthur Muller, Jr., Charles H. Muller, Elizabeth C. Muller, Raymond G. Muller, Willard E. Muller, Ernani Muro, Philip H. Murphy, James Murray

Francis N. Nalbach. V. DeP Nalbach, Alfred P. Narveson, Edward L. Nathan, Gordon Neff, John Y. Nehemias, Bernard J. Neilis, Thomas Nellis, James H. Nerrie, George H. Nesbit, John C. Newhall, H. Allen Nitshke, Norman L. Nitshke, Donald E. Noonan, Joseph Noonan, Jr., William J. Noonan, Thomas A. Norbut, Walter J. Nuemen, John P. Nutley

Helen T. O'Brien, Leo J. O'Brien, Michael C. O'Brien, Chas J. O'Connor, Harry J. O'Donnell, Robert E. O'Hara, William F. O'Neill, James O'Regan, John M. O'Rorke, Martin O'Rorke, Peter D. O'Rourke, Henry D. Oats, John K. Oats, Milford C. Olm, Charles E. Olsen, Olaf Olson

Joseph R. Pagliaro, Amelia Pastor, Richard D. Pastor, Robert T. Pastor, William H. Pastor, W. J. Patterson, Henry A. Pauley, Ernest D. Pearsall, J. Henry Pearsall, Charles A. Peters, Richard M. Peters, Robt. M. Peterson, John D. Petry, Robert L. Pike, Lawrence Potlow, Joseph J. Proscia, William L. Proscia, Nicholas J. Pupino, Thomas J. Pupino

G. M. Quackembos, Jr., Edward J. Quirk

Edward C. Rebman, A. Ralph Reid, Herbert F. Reller, Virginia L. Rendall, James Rendall, Mitchell Reynolds, William Reynolds, David M. Rickard, Robert P. Riendeau, Edw. John Robert, F. Robertson, Jr., Walter R. Roemer, F. Roettinger, Jr., Frederick Rose, John H. Rose, Edwin C. Ross, James S. Rothston, Nicholas Russo, Ernest Ruth, Eugene Ryan, John J. Ryan, William Ryan

Russell Sacken, D. M. Sackman, Kendall Sagendorf, Gustav Salerno, L. L. Saphier, Salvatore Sarno, Richard H. Saur, Robert Scaglione, H. H. Schamberger, H. F. Schaumloffel, Robert B. Schey, Estelle H. Schmidt, George F. Schmitt, William C. Schmitt, Joseph R. Schmitz, L. Schneider, M.D., C. Schratweiser, Jr., J. J. Schratweiser, F. T. Schultz, A. B. Schumacker, Jr., A. Scurachio, Jr., R. Scurachio, Thomas E. Seeley, Eugene Seely, Evelyn Seely, William R. Seely, Albert R. Shady, Samuel P. Shelton, Robert Shephard, Wm. C. Shepherd, Alfred W. Shillito, Edward Shillito, B. F. Simonson, Jr., Owen E. Simonson, Walter E. Simonson, Anthony W. Sisti, William Slater, Henry Sloss, David Slutsky, Harry Slutsky, John Smillie, Albert J. Smith, Donald H. Smith, Elmer H. Smith, Frank Smith, Jr., Frank Smith, Sr., Lee O. Smith, Martin C. Smith, Partricia Smith (Patricia Smith), Paul F. Smith, Richard C. Smith, Robert C. Smith, Rufus C. Smith, W. T. Smith, M.D., Walter Smith, Jr., William D. Smith, Benj. F. Southard, H. B. Southard, Jr., Robert B. Southard, Bernard Stegeman, W. G. Steinbacker, A. E. Steinberg,  Carl M. Steinberg, W. P. Stembler, Jr., William Stephens, John W. Sterrett, Jr., Wm. A. Stolworthy, Ralph E. Stoughton, W. H. Stoughton, Leslie E. Strang, Raymond Straub, E. J. Stutzenstein, G. Stutzenstein, H. Stutzenstein, Jr., Harry C. Swanson, Walter Sweeney, Jr.

Walter Taussis, Leonard D. Terry, Eugene A. Thompson, H. A. Thompson, Lewis A. Thompson, Harold W. Thompson, William Thornlow, Eugene L. Thornton, Thomas E. Thornton, Richard Tiernan, Mervin Tillotson, Eugene Torborg, H. W. Torborg 3rd, Edmund J. Torpey, Edward J. Tracey, Thomas Trent, Frank J. Trup, Eugene S. Tucker, Robert G. Tucker, Joseph Tuohy, William F. Tuohy, Walter J. Tyler, Jr.

C. R. Vagts, Alfred V. Vale, Peter E. VanDyke, F. A. VanNostrand, Louis J. VanVarick, Klaus Viebrock

Edward Wahler, Jay W. Waldron, Martin Waller, Edward P. Walsh, Frank P. Walsh, John Judge Walsh, Joseph W. Walsh, Peter L. Walsh, John Wardrop, Edw. C. Waterman, John Wegener, Philip Weibrenner, Edward Weidler, Leo Weiss, Rudolph Welz, Louren West, Arthur A. Weymar, Henry J. Wheller, Alvin G. White, Arnold E. White, Bertrand D. White, Franz White, Robert White, Thos. Whittaker, Jr., Albert Weiser, Jr., Lindwood Wieser, David G. Williams, J. Robert Wilson, William Wilson, W. Winghenbach, Robert J. Winter, Joseph M. Wipfler, William E. Wipfler, Douglas Wood, Harold L. Wood, William R. Wood, Jr., Stuart H. Wright, James Wyatt

John E. Yetter

Frank Zaccaro, Robert F. Zahn, A. E. Zeigler, Jr., George Zimmerman, Frank W. Zwicker

Further behind these memorials is a park. It contains plaques for individuals and groups, some of whom were killed in war.

Lt. Charles H. Muller appears to have been killed in WWII and indeed there is a Charles H. Muller on the above Honor Roll.

This stone remembers Sergeant David O. Farrington, possibly the same David Farrington who is listed in the WWII Honor Roll with the middle initial D.

William Gregory is remembered here by the East Rockaway Fire Department as well as on the Honor Roll.

This stone, which I was unable to photograph well, remembers the deceased of Alpha-Phi Omega-Gamma-Delta.

This is the only memorial to a resident killed in Vietnam and remembers P.F.C. Gary W. Thornlow.

The following stones remember village politicians.

Edward A. Talfor

These two stones are actually on the grounds of the Village Hall which is next to the memorial.

Trustee and Mayor Charles M. Krull

Trustee Kevin E. McNulty

Also in this park is a memorial to those killed in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. When you enter from the Atlantic Avenue side, you come through a Gateway created by two beams from the building.

In another semi-circle are stones for each of the residents killed in the attack.

Richard E. Nogan

James W. Barbella

Dennis Buckley

William A. Gardner

James A. Haran

Michael J. Horn

Timothy P. McSweeney

Patrick J. O'Keefe

Andrew J. Stern

Glen J. Wall

Paul T. Zois

Morty Frank

In solemn and lasting memory of all the heroes and victims who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Especially those from East Rockaway and our neighboring communities. We Will Never Forget.

This plaque in front of Village Hall gives you a sense of the history of this area.

Before the Revolutionary War, one of the first schools in the Town of Hempstead stood on or near this site.

Before the Battle of Long Island Col. Richard Hewlett entrenched here with a company of Tories.

Erected by Anne Cary Chapter, N.S.D.A.R. and The State of New York 1927.

And on the other side of Village Hall is one more memorial. This one is for firefighters.

In Loving Memory of Captain Robert Pryer.
Died in the line of duty October 10, 1970.