Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past - The Nimmo Album

During this week's snow storm and my resulting day off I removed photos from a decrepit old album that was passed down to my maternal grandmother and spent the day scanning them. The photos and the album will be in archival storage boxes as soon as they arrive.

Some of the photos were captioned in ink that looked like it was almost as weathered as some of the photos, but not all were identified which leads me to believe that they were not captioned by the original owner of the album.

I'm always mindful of the fact that I am very lucky to have all the photos and artifacts that I do, but it can still be frustrating to be so tantalizingly close to the image of a possible ancestor but not know who they are.

The album in most likely belonged to my 3rd Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Louden Nimmo, who emigrated from Scotland to Montreal in about 1840.  She had a brother, James Louden, and a sister, Mrs. James Linton, who were already there.  According to my great-aunt Dorothy and an 1863 Montreal City Directory, she made straw bonnets and kept boarders and lived at 23 St. George Street.  She had a son and three daughters including my 2nd Great Grandmother, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth married John Dean in Montreal and settled with him on a farm in North Hatley, Quebec.  At some point Elizabeth the mother moved to the farm where I am sure she was a great help when her son-in-law passed away at the age of 49 with his eldest son only 18 years old.  She died there in 1897 and is buried in a plot with her daughter and son-in-law at Reedsville Cemetery in North Hatley.

Below is the first of the unidentified photos from this album.