Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Passenger List for Mathilda Alfina?

As mentioned in my recent 2019 Genealogy Goals post, I am on the hunt for the passenger lists for my great-grandmother, Mathilda Alfina Johnson.

Based on the ease with which I found my great-grandfather in these lists (actually the list from his passage from Sweden to England found me via an Ancestry hint), I once thought Mathilda's lists would be even easier to find, but so far I've had no luck.

Here is the information that I have:

1900 U.S. Census - Year of immigration - not listed
1910 U.S. Census - Year of immigration - 1893
1920 U.S. Census - Year of immigration - 1895
1930 U.S. Census - Year of immigration - 1890

Church Register, Salem Lutheran Church, Sycamore, IL - Immigration Year -'90
Church Register, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, So. Manchester, CT, page 82 - Arrived in America - Sept. 5, 1890 - she was listed here first when she joined, then moved to page 72 when she married my great-grandfather.
Church Register, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, So. Manchester, CT, page 72 - Arrived in America - 1889

Mathilda's final wishes transcribed by son Elmer - "Came to America in 1890."

The end of the transcription has a note from Elmer, "Mother, her sister Anna and a neighbor Selma Carlin, came together." 

The above photo, taken in Sycamore, IL, their first destination in the U.S., is marked on the back with the names of the three women in my grandmother's handwriting; she knew all three women.

The Church Register for Salem Lutheran Church in Sycamore shows that Mathilda, Anna, and Selma joined on the same date in 1891 and all three entries have an arrival date of '90.

The page 82 Church Register entry for Emmanuel Lutheran Church, which records Mathilda's joining the congregation, shows that Anna and Selma joined with her and also listed the same arrival date of September 5, 1890.

Mathilda did not include any other information in her note about her immigration to the United States but knowing that my great-grandfather came through New York, I looked first for ships arriving on September 5, 1890, in the New York lists on Ancestry. I also searched ten days before and ten days after September 5th. Even with three names to look for and looking through the lists page-by-page, I had no luck.

I've been doing this long enough to know that while New York was the busiest port for immigration, it was not the only one, but before going any further, I decided to educate myself a bit more and spent some time watching Lisa Alzo's Legacy Family Tree webinars on Passenger Lists and, because you can sometimes find arrival information in those records, Naturalization (although Mathilda might have gained her citizenship automatically through Carl depending on when he became naturalized). Now I am reading two of the books Lisa suggested in the Passenger List webinars, They Came in Ships by John Phillip Colletta and American passage: the history of Ellis Island by Vincent J. Connato. Thank goodness for libraries!

Lisa's webinar series on passenger lists is excellent and so is the book by John Colletta which I am well into at this point and already know I'll need to purchase for myself. I feel that if those passenger lists still exist, I will find them. And, of course, I'll keep you posted.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Helmut Film Scanner - Scanning Odd-Sized Negatives

I have no affiliation with the creators of the Helmut Film Scanner app and I don't pretend to know everything about it, but I've had some fun with it the past few days, so I thought I would share.

During Monday's with Myrt on December 10th, someone in the group chat mentioned this app for scanning negatives. In addition to all of the unscanned photos in my collection, I have about 2,000 odd-sized negatives that can't be scanned by the scanner that I own now which only does the 35mm negatives that come in a strip, so this got my attention.

I learned how to scan photos during the monthly Scanfests that Miriam Robins used to hold and I still believe that archival scanning should be done on a good flatbed machine, creating .tif files with a resolution of at least 600 dpi. As far as I'm aware, smartphones only produce .jpg images which is why I haven't really looked at scanning apps before now. I happen to have two large groups of negatives and I know in general what they are, who took them, approximately when they were taken. I also have some loose negatives with no attached identification, so a quick scan could help me to know what I have sitting in these boxes.

This is about 2,000 negatives.

The Helmut film scanner is designed to be used with a lightbox, which I did not have during the Mondays with Myrt broadcast, but you do need backlighting so I started by holding the negatives up to my monitor.

One thing I didn't like about the app is that it assumes that you know what you are doing to some extent. MF and LF seem to stand for medium format and large format, but I don't know what that means in a practical sense, so I just chose the setting that best fit each negative.

This image and some of the others had a bit of texture from the computer monitor, so I borrowed my mother's lightbox.

I started with a negative from my grandparents' trip to the Near East eighty years ago. Here is a comparison between the scan of a photo that my grandfather had developed in 1938 and the scan of the same negative.

Scanned from a 1938 photo on my Epson v370

Scanned on the Helmut app from 1938 negative.

I'm not sure how it comes across from my blog, but on my desktop when I enlarge each of these images the Helmut scan (bottom) becomes pixelated, whereas the scan of the photo, done at 600 dpi, is still as sharp as the negative. Now, something I cannot tell you is how much of the quality is dependent on the app and how much is dependant on the quality of the camera in the smartphone. I can tell you that my smartphone camera is not great quality.

Here are a few more images. The results were very mixed.

From the same trip to the Near East.

My mother's friends from school.

My maternal grandfather and me.

My grandfather, General McNaughton and an unidentified soldier during WWII.


Mackinac Island, Michigan. My father's friend and his dog.

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, Michigan.

The Helmut app is free as of now and does not have ads, so if you already own a lightbox it may well be worth using to do quick scans for identification purposes, but I personally would not scan negatives this way for any other purpose. For that, I will have to wait until there is room in my budget for a new scanner.  In the meantime, I have more than enough unscanned photos to keep me busy and my Epson v370 does a great job with those.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

2019 Genealogy Goals

I usually set my genealogy goals for the year around mid-January, so getting this done in early December is unheard of for me. It must have something to do with my approaching birthday. This one is less than a week away and has a zero at the end and while I have to admit to some moping about it, I am now trying to stay positive and concentrate on moving forward.

D.A.R. Membership

A few days ago I decided that a great way to improve my genealogy skills will be to prove my lineage from my Revolutionary War patriot ancestors.

Some years ago, before Mocavo became part of Find My Past, I did a search there for my 2nd great-grandfather, Benjamin Smith, seated in the above photo. One of the results led me to an entry for his daughter Charlotte (standing just behind her parents) who was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution! According to the book, my 2nd great-grandmother, Mary Ann Codner (seated above) was the daughter of Pheobe Chidester who was the daughter of Phineas Chidester, a Minute Man from Morris County, NJ and Rebecca Byram, the daughter of Japhet Byram, a Private in the Morris County militia.

My research on this line has not been exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, but I already know there will be challenges ahead in proving my lineage to today's standards. This is something I would love to be able to do while my mother is still alive and although she's in great health, she is 81. Sunday night I submitted a prospective member information request form on the DAR website. I received an automated reply right away and started gathering the documents for the first few generations.

Sharing My Research

On Veterans Day, I was able to take advantage of a one-day special and rejoin Ancestry for six months. Since then I've been working on a project I started a few years ago; building a new public tree that is 100% properly sourced and documented, while making sure to download all the documents I find. I would like to get this new tree documented at least to all of my 2nd great-grandparents in 2019. If it turns out to be easier than I expect, I may extend this goal to include documenting all of my grandparents' and great-grandparents' siblings, but we'll see.

Passenger Lists

While working on my Ancestry tree, I've been trying to find the passenger lists for my Swedish great-grandmother (on the right above). She immigrated with her sister (left) and friend (center). I have some great leads but haven't found them so far. I'd like to find them in 2019, if not sooner, and learn all I can about the subject along the way so that I can find the extant passenger lists for all of my immigrant ancestors and Donald's as well.


I WILL finish reading and studying Dr. Jones'  Mastering Genealogical Documentation and Mastering Genealogical Proof in 2019!! I'll also have to start educating myself about DNA because my mother bought herself an Ancestry DNA kit as a birthday gift to me.

Meetings at my local genealogical societies will be another learning opportunity and on Cyber Monday, I scored a half-price membership to Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Research Trip(s)

There is at least one research trip in our plans for 2019. Since we didn't visit Ottawa when we were in Canada in September, my mother and I are planning to head up in the spring, as much to see family as to research, but I definitely want to meet my Parker cousins, visit a couple of cemeteries and the local branch of the Quebec archives.

The Doughboy Memorial in Lynbrook, NY.

Giving Back

Since transcribing and posting the memorials in Rockville Centre for Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project in 2016, I've enjoyed learning more about the war memorials in my area so I will continue to photograph, transcribe and post local memorials in 2019. My goal is one per month.

Also, and I say this every year, I really have to get myself on a regular schedule of indexing on Family Search. For now, I'm going to commit to two hours a month and then see if I can find the time to increase that as the year goes on.

Preservation and Scanning

Of course, no plan of mine could be complete without considering the preservation and digitization of my photos. Preservation is a budget-dependant item, but I can digitize most of the items in my collection without spending any money. I don't have specific goals for the year, but my priorities will be things I want to share with cousins and repositories and photos that are mounted in magnetic or other albums that can cause deterioration of the photos. My mother handed me another three magnetic albums just a few months ago and I know she has more. I think I need to convince her to retire so she can come down to my place in the afternoons to scan!

Reading over this post, I'm not sure where I'll find the time to eat, clean and earn a living in 2019, but I feel good about these goals. They are very optimistic but I don't think they're unrealistic as long as I stay focused.

"I'm looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past." - Mike Rowe 

Smith, Orlando Chauncey, Smith, Charlotte Elizabeth, Smith, George Robert, Smith, William John, Smith, Benjamin, Codner, Mary Ann, Smith, Emma Amelia, photograph taken before 1908 (Benjamin's death); privately held by Anna Matthews [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

 Johnson, Anna Olivia, Carlin, Selma, Johnson, Mathilda Alfina, photograph taken ca. 1890; privately held by Anna Matthews [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

WWI Memorial in Lynbrook, NY, photograph taken November 2018; digital copy privately held by Anna Matthews [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Mark and Mary Hodgson

Mark and Mary Hodgson are not related to me by blood, but by marriage. Their daughter Amelia Hannah was married to Frederick William Bean, my 2nd great-uncle.

Amelia is on the left above, photographed with her sisters-in-law, Eva Maude Bean (right), my great-grandmother, and Eva's sister Sylvia Emilia Bean (center).

Last week I wrote about the Bean family plot where Amelia and Frederick are buried. As I was photographing those stones I looked across the path and noticed this plot stone.

Knowing that Amelia was born a Hodgson, I decided to take a few photos just in case. I am glad I did because this is indeed the plot of Amelia's parents, Mark Hodgson and Mary Davidson.

I also added Mary and Mary's burial and photos the Find-A-Grave and hope that those listings and this post might help their descendants find them online if they can't visit in person.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Baldwin Veterans Memorial Plaza - Long Island, NY Part II

Baldwin Veterans Memorial Plaza is part of a beautiful park on a pond in Baldwin, NY that holds many monuments and plaques honoring those who gave their lives and service to the United States in times of war and conflict. Per my post of November 25th with transcriptions and photos of the rest of the monuments in this memorial park, this is the Baldwin Honor Roll which "is dedicated to the brave men and women who left the town of Baldwin to serve our nation during World War II." Those who were killed in action are indicated with an asterisk on this monument.

If you would like a close-up photo of any name on any of these monuments please let me know, I live very close.

The number of names on this memorial and others like it that I have been photographing lately really drive home the number of men who would have been missing from these small communities for the duration of the war. I don't know how much smaller the population was then that it is today, and I can only imagine the effect it would have had on everyday life for those who stayed at home, but I can see through this monument that it must have been something you could see and feel every day. Just something else to keep in mind while researching the ancestors who lived through WWII.

But this post is not about my ancestors, it is about helping other people find their ancestors. I am transcribing the names from this memorial in hopes that it will help family historians to find their ancestors on this monument. A link to this post will appear on Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, and the names will be visible to Google and other search engines. Not only does this work give back to the genealogy community, but it is also another way to honor these brave men and women.

Frank B. Abel, Charles J. Abrams, Walter L. Abrams, Donald F. Abt, Frederick E. Ackley, Harry F. Ackley, Jr., Lewis Ackley, Donald F. Adams, James Addario, Donald W. Adelmann, Thomas Aery, Vincent Aery, Emil Agostini, Jr., Samuel Martin Ahl, Alfred A. Ahmemann, John R. Ahmemann, James J. Ahrens, William J. Ahrens, Donald F. Aisenbrey, John C. Aisenbray, Jr., Stephen H. Aisenbrey, Robert B. Alabaster, Henry C. Albrecht, Edward W. Albright, Nicholas B. Aleshin, Emil Alisch, David H. Allen, Frederick R. Allen, Sherwin E. Allen, William H. Allen, Francis J. Allwin, James T. Allwin, John W. Amann, Robert F. Ambler, William Ammann, Edward Anderberg, Bjorn H. Andersen, Erik S. Andersen, William K. Andersen, Allen L. Anderson, Arthur E. Anderson, Edwin T. Anderson, John K. Anderson, Lawrence J. Anderson, Robert W. Anderson, William M. Anderson, Alfred A. Andrews, Clifford Andrews, Fred M. Andrews, Lyndon Edward Ang, Frederick W. Angliss III, John G. Angliss, Rudolf P. Angliss, Carmine J. Antonucci, Dario Antonucci, Mario A. Antonucci, Ralph Anzelone, Joseph P. Aprea, Harry W. Arcouet, Andrew J. Arenth, John R. Arenth, Edward Areskog, Robert E. Armbruster, Roy H. Armbruster, Irwin E. Arnold, Jr., James A. Arnold, William E. Ashworth, Russell W. Asklund, Thomas E. Asnip, Thomas Aspell, Carl Aspenberg, Frank Atria, Lewis J. Atwood, Elphege R. Auclair, Dixon J. Austin, Lawrence J. Aylward, William R. Aylward, Sr.

Bernt L. Baardsen, Robert E. Babcock, Robert O. Babcock, George A. Bacher, Joseph A. Bacher, Rudolph H. Bacher, William J. Back, Sherwood H. Baeder, Richard R. Bahm, William L. Bahr, Hilbert J. Bahruth, Charles Baker, Frederick Baker, Henry W. Baker, John Baker, W. Noyes Baker, Robert E. Baker, George Baldwin, Kenneth D. Baldwin, Lumin I. Baldwin, Robert H. Ballantyne, Michael J. Ballato, Walter B. Ballenberger, W. E. Ballenberger, Jr., Leonard R. Balleto, Lawrence W. Ballou, Jr., Richard G. Ballou, Charles F. Ballweg, Edgar Donald Barandon, John K. Barandon, Ramon W. Barger, Horace H. Barker, Benjamin F. Barnes, Charles B. Barnes, Gordon B. Barnes, William H. Baron, Anthony J. Barone, William A. Barrett, Robert E. Barry, William E. Bartheld, Robert M. Barto, Jr., George A. Batcher, Stewart O. Bates, John V. Bauer, Alan D. Bauerschmidt, Fred J. Bauerschmidt, Harold Baumann, John W. Baumann, Lee S. Baumann, Leonard J. Baumann, Wilfred F Baumann, Fred A. Baumgartner, Kenneth C. Bausch, Donald R. Baxter*, Edward A. Bean, Edward D. Bearkland, Joseph J. Beato, Suzanna Beato, Herbert W. Beatty, Edward A. Beau, Joseph J. Becher, Robert Beck, Floyd Becker, Raymond A. Becker*, Arthur A. Bedell, Floyd Bedell, John A. Bedell, Leon Bedell, Rita Bedell, Stanley H. Bedell*, William Bedell, Edwin P. Beers, John M. Beers, Paul J. Beers, Wallace V. Beers, Charles A. Begelow, Gilbert L. Beiger, Robert L. Beiling, Paul W. Beinlich, William A. Beirne, Jr., Arthur G. Belcher, Merwin R. Belcher, Jr., George W. Bell, William R. Bell, Winfred F. Bellows, Thomas F. Belluscio, Vincent J. Belluscio, Casper P. Benanati, George W. Bender, Clifford E. Bennet, Andrew W. Bennett, Kenneth A. Bennett, Harold J. Bennetter, Jr., Joseph W. Bennetter, Wilbur S. Bentley, Chauncey F. Benton, Theodore N. Berggren, George Bud Bergkamp, Frederick Bergmann, Jr., Kenneth J. Berkes, Walter C. Berndt, William L. Berrian, Austin W. Betts, Earle F. Betts, Sherman W. Betts, John J. Bevers, Walter D. Bewley, William G. Bewley, Theodore H. Beyer, Robert O. Bickett, George Biggart, James H. Biggart, William J. Biggart, Robert C. Biggs, William F. Bigoney, Jr., Carl F. Billeter, Herbert H. Billstein, John W. Bitter, Thomas Black, W. Leslie Blackwell, Thomas D. Blair, James G. Blake, James W. Blake, Genaro Blascetta, Vincent Blascetta, Charles G. Blattmacher, George G. Blattmacher, Kingsley Bleimeyer, Howard A. B. Bliss, Jack B. Blomquist, Orrin D. Blossom, Robert A. Boehme*, Walter T. Boehme, Herbert Boerner, Paul A. Boggs, Everiste J. Boissear, Mervin Bond, John P. Bonney, Gerald Booth, Warren K. Booth, Wayne W. Borchard, Charles L. Borgwardt, Henry F. Bossom, Frank A. Boudreau, John A. Boudreau, Joseph W. Boudreau, Paul P. Boudreau, Rene H. Bourguet, Arthur G. Bouton, Donald E. Bouton, Harold A. Bouton, George F. Bowe, Gerald N. Bowen, Arthur E. Bower, Jr., Gordon S. Bowman, James Boyd, Samuel Boyd, Harry G. Boyle, Robert A. Boyle, Francis J. Boyne, Joseph F. Boyne, Joseph Bozlk, Francis D. Brady, Carl E. Braga, Jr., Charles E. Braga, William B. Bragg, Neal Branch, Sidney Brandes, Richard Brashear, Jr., Francis S. Brauer, Bernard J. Brawley, William F. Breidenbach, Peter J. Brendel, Thomas A. Brennan, Raymond J. Brenneis, Alden B. Brewer, Elliot R. Brewer, John W. Brewster, Donald Briggs, C. Roger Broad, Sidney S. Broadhead, Ernest Broadhurst, Bernard L. Brockwehl, Bernard G. Brockwell, Jr.*, Lawrence M. Broderson, Harry Brooks, Samuel I. Brooks, Charles B. Brower, Sr., Jerry Brower, Norman C. Brower, Arthur C. Brown, Franklin G. Brown, Jr., Harold F. Brown, Kenneth G. Brown, Marian A. Brown, Martin D. Brown, Robert E. Brown, Sam W. Brown, James. T. Browne, Jr., John W. Bruce, Joseph G. Bruckner, Charles L. Brunner, Floyd T. Brunner, William W. Brunner, Jr., Frank R. Buckbee, Jr., Charles P. Buckley, Jr., David M. Buckley, Frederick M. Buckley, John Buckley, Marion M. Buckley, William F. Buckley, Donald A. Buckman, Francis X. Budelman, Lester E. Buffington, Nicholas Burger, John W. Burke, Charles A. Burleigh, Raymond P. Burleigh, James D. Burns, Paul Burns, Peter M. Burr, Richard A. Burr, James D. Burrough, Charles L. Busch, John A. Busch, Louis Bush, Onno Buss, Solomon Buss, Edward L. Butler, John E. Buys

Rudy Cacher, George J. Cain, John Caine, Eugene W. Cairns, Jarvis H. Calder, Walter F. Calhoun, Jr., Ananias H. Cameron, Walter H. Cameron, Robert R. Cammann, Arthur Campana, Albert E. Campbell, Kenneth L. Campbell, Jr., Albert M. Candido, Alfred M. Cannon, Donald R. Cannon, Alfred M. Canonico, William F. Cantwell, Paul Caramella, Eugene Cardali, George W. Carl, John H. Carl III, Robert W. Carl, Jr., William Carl, Jr., Albert G. Carle, F. Robert Carlen, Jr., Harry Carlson, Albert R. Carman, Edgar M. Carman, Edward Carman, Foster J. Carman, Fred Carman, George G. Carman, Jr., Gerald A. Carman, Gerald R. Carman, Joseph C. Carman, Leon D. Carman, Leonard J. Carman, Lester S. Carman, Myron Carman, Oliver A. Carman, Robert G. Carman, Thomas E. Carman, Harry C. Carmen, Nelson Carmen, Paul Carmen, Wallace D. Carmen, Gorge T. Carney, Charles S. Carpenter, James M. Carpenter, Joseph Carpenter, Hugh C. Carroll, Jr., Hugh F. Carroll, Jr., Edward L. Carter, Willis M. Carter, Edwin E. Carty, Frederick E. Cary, Joseph M. Casalaspro, John T. Casey, Robert P. Casey, Stanley W. Cattell, William F. Cattell, Daniel P. Cella, John C. Cella, John G. Celler, W. Cartwright Celler*, Raymond T. Cermak, Jack Chandler, William D. Chapin, Clemence J. Chase, Jr., Frank F. Chase, Robert F. Chase, George M. Chaslon, Herman Chemnitz, Philip Chermo, Edward V. Cheviot, John W. Cheviot, Robert L. Cheviot, Henry O. Chiusano, Albert C. Chmela, Joseph E. Choate, Charles Christiansen, Torris A. Christiansen, Louis P. Chuisano, Paul N. Chunko, Louis E. Cifaldi, Bartolo A. Cincotta, Albert P. Ciniglio, Lewis E. Ciniglio, Nicholas N. Cirillo, Albert W. Clark, Arthur R. Clark, Daniel W. Clark, David A. Clark, Jr.*, Edmund H. Clark, Edward A. Clark, Jr.*, Edward A. Clark, Sr., Foster G. Clark, Frank A. Clark, Harry E. Clark, Neal P. Clark, Weldon S. Clark, Willis J. Clark, Charles M. Clarke, Thomas W. Clegg, Lawrence Clements, Thomas J. Clifford, Jr., Russell Clissord, Donald Clowes, Donald L. Clute, Basil J. Coco, Nicholas Coco, Arnold M. Coffey, Edward W. Coffey, Harry M. Coffey, Bernard I. Cohen, Manley M. Cohen, Edward C. Cole, James S. Cole, Robert J. Cole, John T. Colfer, Fred Collins, John G. Collins, Jr.,William J. Collins, Gordon E. Collister, Weldon Collry, Robert M. Collyer, Charles J. Combes, Kenneth Combes, Herbert Comstock, Herbert A. Comstock, Eugene T. Condon, Francis Conigiliardo, Jones F. Conlon, Walter M. Conlon, Egbert E. Connell, John V. Considine, Stephen D. Considine, Frank Conway, Peter Conway, Alfred F. Cook, George W. Cook, Robert D. Cook, Donald M. Cooper, Herbert R. Cooper, John C. Copeland, C. E. Corbett, Arthur E. Corcoran, Francis T. Corcoran, George Corke, Clarence B. Cornwell, Jack E. Cornwell, Lawrence E. Corwin, Ralph A. Corwin, Bartholemew T. Cosgrove, John C. Cotton, James A. Coughlin, Paul D. Coulson, William H. Cowan, Jr., Charles Coward, John L. Cox, John J. Cramer, Richard A. Cramer, Hugh A. Crapps, Theodore J. Crawford, Jr., Thomas Crawford, Eugene M. Crowl, Frederick W. Cruger, Michael W. Cuba, Harry H. Culler, Herbert G. Cummings, Ralph Cunningham, Jr., James A. Curley, Robert S. Curley, John J. Curran, Donald T. Curry, Duncan F. Curry, Joseph A. Curry, Thomas M. Curry, William Curry, George Curtis, John J. Cussen

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John W. Earl, Arthur Earle, Jr., Robert Earle, Adolph J. Eckhardt, Frederick C.Eckhardt, Jacob F. Eckhart, Walter S.Eckstein, John F. Edwards, Edward T. Ege, Robert F. Eggers, Henry Ehlers, Ruth Ehrlich, Leroy I. Eifert, Clayton Ekeberg, Melford Elderd*, Emil Eldred, Fred H. Eldred, Chester A. Ellison, John C. Emerson, Jr., Milton L. Emery*, George Engelhardt, Eugene E. Engeman, John C. Engeman, Joseph P. Engeman, Thomas Erickson, Charles R. Ernst, Paul H. Ernst, Richard E. Ernst, Frank A. Esposito, Evan Evans, Frank C. Ewen, William R. Ewing

John W. Fager, James N. Fagerstrom, Matthew J. Fairbairn, Edwin G. Falkey, G. Falkey, Frank A. Fallo, Bartolo S. Famularo, Dominick V. Famularo, Alfred W. Farrell, John W. Farrell, Joseph Farrell, Wlliam R. Farrington, Carman J. Fasanella*, Frank Fasanella*, Joseph E. Fasanella, Vincent Fasanella, William Fay, Charles V. Fefel, Clarence M. Feld, Frank Fennelli*, Eric R. Fenslau, Raymond A. Fenslau, Lloyd A. Fenster, James P. Feriola, Joseph A. Fermann, Jr., Joseph A. Ferraro, Helen Ferris, Thomas H. Feterston, George P. Finigan, William J. Finigan, August A. Fink, Jr., Douglas G. Fink, Robert Finlay, Thomas L. Finlay, Jr., Daniel I. Finnerty, Joseph B. Finnigan, William J. Firth, Jr., Horace W. Fischer, William C. Fischer, Herbert M. Fish, Victor S. Fitch, Richard K. Fitzgerald, Robert J. Fitzgerald, Thomas V. Fitzgerald, Jr., Edward P. Flanagan, Howard W. Flanary, Richard J. Flanary, Thomas E. Flanary, Walker G. Flanary, Jr., Raymond T. Fleming, Everett H. Fletcher, George J. Florea, Joseph A. Florea, Charles Flynn, John M. Flynn, Lawrence J. Flynn, Thomas Flynn, William Flynn, Gloria A. Fogarty, James J. Fogarty, John M. Fogarty, Robert A. Fogelberg, Edward J. Foley, Raymond T. Foley*, Stephen P. Foley, Robert Fong, Warren Fong, Julio Fonseca, Eugene R. Ford, Stephen D. Ford, William A. Ford, Jr., Edward J. Formanski, Alfred S. Forsyth*, Arthur C. Forsyth*, Pierre R. Foss, Eugene Foster, John Foster, Wilbur S. Foster, Ronald C. Fowley, William M. Fowley, James E. Fox, Henry A. Frank, Charles Frankel, Haskel Frankel, Girard H. Franklin, Lewis H. Franklin, Ross H. Fraser, David R. Freedman, John R. Freeman, Henry A. French, Carlton R. Frieberger, Walter W. Friedlander, Jr., Ernest S. Friedrick, Oliver W. Friend, Edmund C. Fritzche, George S. Frost, Jr., Guy S. Fugit, Patricia A. Fugle, A.F. Fuller, Jr., Donald K. Fullerton, Henry E. W. Fulton, Robert E. Furman, Luke A. Fusco, Frank J. Fushi, Peter W. Fushi, Robert J. Fusillo

Frank W. Gallagher, Raymond H. Galliker, John P. Gallivan, Jr., William F. Gallivan, Ressie T. Gallucci, Richard J. Gamble, Angelo Gandoli, John T. Ganun, Eugene Gardali, Charles A. Gardella, Howard B. Garing, Jane Garvey, John M. Garvey, Leslie E. Garvey, William B. Gathings, Jr., Albert F. Gatow, Robert P. Gauthier, Charles P. Gavriles, William H. Gay, John Geary, Roy Gebbie, Henry B. Geertsema, Adolph Geidenberg, Alfred M. Geith, Louis J. Gelber, Walter E.C. George, Vincent W. Gerard, Fred G. Gerhard, Jr., William E. Gernhardt, William J. Gibney, Joseph Gillen, Theodore C. Gillen, Thomas J. Gillen, Jr., Douglas Gillies, Randall Gilmore, James J. Gilroy, Jr., Robert N. Ginsberg, H. William Ginsberg, Robert Glassey III, John P. Glaubitz, William J. Gleason, Gerald H. Gleeson, William L. Glezen, Francis J. Glonack, William C. Glover, Edward Glowacki, Richard C. Glowacki, William J. Goddard, William O. Goddard, Jr., Robert L. Godwin, Robert L. Godwin, Jr., Frederick Golden, William J. Golden, Jerome C. Goldfarb, Edward F. Goldman, Jr., Joseph Goldstein, Stanford Goldstoff, Sammy Gondoli, John M. Goodhue, Jr., Kenneth V. Goodhue, Robert W. Gordon, Allen E. Gosline, Raymond Gottlieb, Richard C. Gotzmer, Francis X. Gould, Robert N. Graff, Thomas E. Graham, Henry C. E. Grahn, Francis J. Grant, George H. Grant, Anna M. Graven, Clyde J. Grayson, Alden B. Green, Russell P. Green, George A. Greene, Herbert E. Greene, Herbert G. Greene, John J. Greene, Lewis F. Greene, William H. Greene, William J. Greene, James A. Greer, Harry A. Griemsmann, Harry Griffin, Peter Grillo, James O. Grim, Cyril M. Groome, Frederick W. Grossman, Charles H. Grube, William Grune, Walter B. Grunwald, John C. N. Guibert, Jr., Warren A. Gulau, Cunder Gundersen, Charles I. Gunderson, Robert M. Gutjahr, John J. Gutleber, Jr.

John J. Harren, Joseph D. Haaren*, Thomas L. Haaren, Harry J. Haarms, William F. Haas, George H. Hachemeister, Joseph D. Hacker, William A. Haerer, George J. Haff, Henry F. Hage, Jr., Alton Shaw Haight, Charles F. Haight, Jr., Robert S. Haight, Gustave C. Hald, Alfred W. Hale, Jr., John R. Hale*, Edward Halleran, William Hamann, Wendelin Hambsch, Morris Hamburg, Warren L. Hamburger, Robert M. Hamilton, Elliott Hampton, John E. Hance, Fred Hancock, Herbert S. Handler, Charles B. Haniquet, George D. Hanna, Randall Hansen, Robert T. Hansen, Walter E. Hanson, Harry M. Hanssen, Herbert Harvey, Lewis H. Harbourne, Lewis M. Harbourne, Jack E. Harbrecht, John F. Harbrecht*, William Harjes, Jr., John C. Harley, Henry J. Harms, Edward A. Harnischfeger, Harry J. Harrms, Robert C. Harris, Thomas D. Harris, Edward N. Harrison*, Herman H. Harrius, Harry Hart, Raymond Hartman, Jr., Charles J. Harvey, Jr., George R. Harvey, Rex W. Harvey, Roy G. Harvey, Charles S. Hascall, William E. Haslam, Robert E. Hasting, Harold W. Hastings, John A. Hatch, William F. Haug, Beverly Hausleiter, Eugene R. Hausleiter, Jerome E. Haut, Daniel T. Hayes, Donald J. Hayes, Raymond C. Heyn, William Hays, Fred E. Hayward, Jr., Eugene L. Hazard, Walter E. Hazard, Donald J. Healy, Ream Heffer, Carl J. Hegner, Richard Heidtman, Jesse W. Heidtmann, Henry J. Heim, Joseph L Heim*, John Heinrich, Raymond Heinser, Henry E. Heissenbuttel, Edward J. Helm, Rogert W. Hemeon, Warren E. Hendrickson, William R. Henken, Frederick W. Henninger, George H. Henninger, Arthur Henratty, Walter Henratty, Carl M. Henry, Jr., Ira Henry, James M. Henry, Edward G. Henschel, Clyde Herbert, Ralph A. Herbert, John E. Herkenheins, Elizabeth M. Herlihy, John W. Herlihy, Thomas M. Herlihy, Howard Herman, Arthur J. Herrmann, Charles A. Herrmann, Myron L. Herrmann, William F. C. Herrmann, Bradford G. Herschler, Howard A. Hess, Raymond A. Hess, Foster G. Hetzel, Foster G. Hetzel, Jr., Ernest E. Hewett, Jr., Charles E. Heyl, Jr., Louis C. Heyl, William Hicks, John J. Higgins, Jr., Kenneth J. Higgins, Albert C. Hilbert, Bruce J. Hilbrandt, Alfred E. Hill, Eric Hill, Arthur Hiltbold, Donal R. Hiltz, Casper H. Himes*, John G. Himmer, Rodney W. Hingle, Clark Hirschfeld, Paul Raymond Hirni, Edwin B. Hoag, Francis R. Hoban, Frank N. Hoberg, Albert T. Hodson, Robert M. Hodson, Phyllis M. Hofer, Walter R. Hoff, Selma K. Hoffer, Everett H. Hoffman, George R. Hoffman, Lionel B. Hoffman, Lloyd A. Hoffman, Robert E. Hoffman, Roy C. Hoffman, William H. Hoffman, John M. Hoffmann, William Hoffmann, Edward G. Hofgren, Edwin W. Holden, Richard J. Holland, Henry G. Holler, Charles J. Hollis, Robert W. Hollister, Chic Holpit, Edith Holub, Calvin I. Homan, Whitney E. Hoovler, Russell M. Hope, Frederick A. Hoppen, Robert F. Hoppen, William H. Horeis, Arthur F. Horn, Christian Horn, Jr., George B. Horneck. Leonard D. Hosford, Frank J. Hosp, Henry Hoth, Leo Hotis, Socrates C. Hotis, Rudolph F. Houdek, Jr., Robert G. House, L. Joseph Houy, Robert G. Hovermann, Bruce H. Howell, Herbert W. Howell, Paul Howell, Robert W. Howell, Philip G. Hoyt, Jr., John Hudder*, Ralph Hufe, Jean G. Hufnagel, Nelson G. Hughes, Paul K. Hulbert, Howard Hulse, Frank H. Hults, Frederick R. Hults, Charles B. Hume, Jr., Robert R. Hume, George W. Humm, John Joseph Humm, Katherine A. Humm, John Brandon Hunt, James S. Hunter, Charles H. Huppert, Kenneth Hurley, William Hurley, Martin Hurney, Thomas F. Hurney, Robert G. Hutchinson

Frank Iandola, Lester F. Inglis, William B. Inslee, Russel H. Ireland, Otto William Irmscher, Herbert S. Iversen

Bernard Jackson, Charles P. Jackson, Jr., Donald F. Jackson, Pearl T. Jackson, Samuel K. Jackson, Walter Jackson, Louis J. Jacob, Robert Jacob, William G. Jacob, Harry Jacobson, Louis A. Jagel, William F. Jagel, Robert M. Jagemann, Emil Janowski, John D. Jenkins, Edward C. Jennings, James B. Jensen, Ira L. Jersey, Jr., C. Wallace Jewell, Jr., George J. Johannes, Jr., Edward B. Johns III, John Johns, Clifford M. Johnson, Douglas C. Johnson, Horace G. Johnson, Howard Johnson, Irving W. Johnson, John J. Johnson, Norman J. Johnson, Paul D. Johnson, Percy E. Johnson, Robert W. Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Vernon Johnson, Wilson B. Johnson, Jr., Frank Johnston, James E. Johnston, Jr., Richard A. Johnston, William Jokinen, Donald R. Jolly, Albert R. Jones, James H. Jones, Robert D. Jones, Walter Jones, David D. Joseph, Peter A. Joyce, Edwin G. Judd, Vincent M. Juhring, Herman J. Jurich

Peter Kalnick, Max Kaluzni, Michael W. Kalwara, Walter M. Kalwara, William T. Kammerer, James P. Kane, John S. Kane, Robert R. Kane, John Kapples, John C. Karaus, Joseph Karaus, Lawrence Karp, Joseph C. Kaspar, John Katalo, Ralph J. Kaufman, Mortimer L. Kaufmann, Bernard Kean, William M. Keating, Vincent F. Kehoe, Frederick A. Kellar, Elizabeth A. Kelly, John B. Kelly, Lawrence A. Kelly, Rev. Matthew P. Kelly, Oscar E. Kelly, Robert J. Kelly, Richard J. Kelsch, George E. Kelver, Charles C. Kempf, Robert A. Kempner, Stanley K. Kempner, Arthur R. Kennedy, Edward J. Kennedy, George C. Kennedy, Herbert C. Kennedy, Herbert C. Kennedy, John P. Kennedy, Joseph A. Kennedy, John N. Kenny, Warren S. Kenny, Bruce L. Kerr, Frank Kerr, George L. Kerrigan, Charles J. Ketcham, Frank W. Ketcham, Gilbert Ketcham, James R. Ketcham, Valentine Ketcham III, Frank C. Khare, Herbert A. Khare, Edwin J. Kiefer, Harry W. Kiesendahl

Charles D. Kimball, Alick E. King, William W. F. King, Kenneth R. Kinman, Harry D. Kirby, William K. Kirk, Charles H. Kirschner, Harold A. Kitchen, Jeffrey C. Klaus, Edward Klebaur, Victor J. Klebaur, William C. Klemm, Clifford W. Kloess, William Kluemeyer, Thomas E. Kluiber, Russell C. Knouse, Eugene C. Koch, Sylvester R. Koch, William H. Koelbel, David V. Koeller, Edwin H. Keoper, Herman L. Kondell, Ernest F. Konzelmann, Lawrence Korrow, Martin M. Korrow, Michael Kotish, Frederick G. Kraemer, Alfred R. Kramer, Elaine L. Kramer, Joseph F. Kramer, Hugo Kramps, Donald J. Kranich, Walter R. Kranich, Martin E. Krause, Irving Krieger, Philip Kreiger, Warren H. Kuhlmann, Robert G. Kunz*, George Kurtz, Stephan W. Kurtz

George R. Lahey, Edward R. Larhmann, Albert Laibach, Herbert Laibach, Werner L. Laibach, William C. Lakeland, William J. Lang*, George R. Lanabeer, Abram Langdon, David S. Langdon, Ernest E. Langdon, Carl M. E. Lange, Joseph F. Larocca, Franklin Lasen, Helen V. Lasen, Charles Lason, Jerome L. Lathrop, John Laub, John G. Laurence, Francis S. Laufenberg, Harvey J. Lavac, Joseph J. LaVine, Harold Layton, Elliot J. Lazarus, Leo R. Lazarus, Herbert H. Lee, Austin Leeds, Edward R. Lehrmann, Bernard R. Leight, Kenneth D. Leiser, Ferdinand R. Lentzsch, Henri Leuring, Donald Levitt, Eugene Levitt, John H. Lewis, Ralph E. Lewis, Tredwell M. Lewis, John P. Leyden, Rodney G. Leyland, Stephen A. Light, Roy H. Lindberg, Carl R. Lindeman, Emil O. Lindner, Louis Lindner, Jr., Edmund F. W. Linka, Harry W. Linnemeyer, Henry H. Lipiak, Bruce A. Lister, Milton C. Livingstone, Frederick W. Lobenstein*, James A. Lockwood, Richard I. Loewen, John Logan, Joseph F. Logan, Fred A. Lohman, Casper J. Lombardi, Frank Lombardi, Joseph Lombardi, Bert A. Long, Jr., William M. Longman*, Edward H. Lopez-Miranda, Charles K. Lord, Kenneth C. Lord, Herbert Loth, George H. Lott, Raymond F. Lott, Robert H. Lounsbury, Henry A. Loveday, Michael G. Lowe, H. Walter Lubkeman, Herman J. Lubkeman, Jr., Joseph Luca, Rev. Carl E.L. Lucky, Howard A. Ludecker, Milton W. Luft, Alfred G. Lundberg, Arthur Lundberg, Henry Hubert Lutz, Francis G. Lyons

Albert L. Maas, Sr., Albert L. Maas, Jr., Peter R. Maas, Nelson Mabry, Harold E. Maccubbin, Jr., Alexander H. MacDonald, John J. MacDonald, Robert E. MacDonald, William D. MacDonald, William Roy MacDonald, Willard G. MacIntosh, Frank J. Mack, Donald G. MacKay, Fred A. MacKay, Robert W. MacKenzie, Jr., John W. MacLachlan*, Donald G. MacLeod, Frank K. MacNeill, Priscilla MacPhee, Ronald V. Madonia, Donal Magrane, Donald T. Magrane, Thomas W. Magrane, Jr., Matthew J. Maher, Richard P. Maher, Charles F. Mahoney, Jr., Thomas F. Mahoney, Walter A. Malik, Robert J. J. Malone, Edward R. Manck, John Benson Manecke, Joseph Mangone, Lois E. Mansfield, Harvie D. Manss, Patsy Marcellino, Albert T. March, Donald T. March, William F. March, James P. Marco, Rudolph J. Marco, Eugene J. Marino, Herman A. Marino, Robert C. Marius*, Walter Markham, Sheldon H. Marks, Paul A. Maroney, Arnold Mars, Diana Mars, Frank Marshall, Jr., John W. Marshall, Vincent J. Marshall, Charles A. Martin*, Elliott R. Martin, James T. Martin, John David Martin, Richard W. Martin, Robert Martin, Louis G. Marvinney, Joseph A. Massa, Doris W. Massam, Brian J. Masterson, James Masterson, John E. Masterson, Theofile P. Masterson*, E. John Matheron, Joseph A. Mathews, Robert J. Mathews, Henry J. Mathias, Ralph F. Matthews, Robert J. Matthews, Christian Matthy, William J. Matyas, George F. Maul, Charles Maunter*, John Maunter*, Robert M. Maurer, Boyd C. Max, Francis B. Maxwell, Ira W. Maxwell, William F. Maxwell, Jr., Caswell A. Mayo, Jr.*, George W. McChesney, Arthur J. McCormick, Jr., Bernard J. McDermott, Harold T. McDermott*, Helen McDermott, James D. McDermott, Robert A. McDevitt, Jose McGarty, Joseph J. McGinnis, William E. McGinnity, Jr., John E. McGrath, John D. McGreal, Donald R. McHale, Gerald J. McHugh, William P. McHugh, Helen M. McIlroy, Frank R. McKeeman, Kieth E. McKeeman, Edward McKenna, John T. McKenne, John T. McKeon, Joseph J. McKeon, Thomas F. McKeon*, Thomas J. McKeon, William V. McKeon, John J. McKevitt, Alexander McKinlay*, John M. McManas, Edward A. McNally, William McNamara, Warren M. McNerney, Raymond W. McNulty, Bernard McSorley*, Nardi McSorley, George N. Mead, Francis Meale, Frank Mears, John C. Meder, Ernest Medinger, Jr., Stafford R. Meeson, George K. Meinch, William H. Melvin, A. Hamilton Mencher, James J. Menneg, Walter J. Mensching, William J. Mensching, Charles G. Mercer, Frederick J. Mercer, Harold R. Mercer, Robert C. Mercer, Louis Mercurio, Alan C. Mermann, John Floyd Merritt, Richard A. Mersereau, Harold M. Messer, Jr., Gilbert G. Messier, Edwin T. Metcalf, Jr., Arthur D. Meyer, Eugene H. Meyer, Paul F. Meyer, Raymond W. Meyer, Robert J. Meyer, William Meyer, William H. Meyer, William R. Meyer, William T. Meyer, George S. Meyers, Leonard Meyers, Stanley Meyers, Arlington Middendorf, John E. Midgely, Jr., Robert G. Mielbrecht, Francis P. Miglino, Gilbert J. Milburn, Charles B. Miller, Jr., Francis W. Miller, Jr., Franklyn B. Miller, Jerome C. Miller, John W. H. Miller, Otto Miller, Vincent J. Miller, Walter C. Miller, Harold P. Minard, Irving E. Miner, Walter W. Miner, Francis V. Minerault, Paul W. Minke, Emma Mishkin, Lillian Mishkin, Joseph A. Mitchell, Robert J. Mitchell, William N. Mitchell*, Leroy Moffett, George E. Moge, George Christian Mohr*, James Harold Mohr, Fred Mohrenne, Anthony I. Molello, Dawson E. Molyneaux, Leon C. Monett, Charles J. Monier, Raymond V. Montalbano, John J. Monteverde, Jr., Charles W. Moon, Charles Moore, Edgar J. Moore, George S. Moore, Jr., Gordon E. Moore, Marie F. Moore, John F. Moran, Edmund F. Morgan, Francis W. Morgan, Joseph C. Morgan, Charles N. Morris, Elliott T. Morris, George F. Morris, John B. Morris, John W. Morris, Charles A. Morrison III, Edward B. Morrison, Warren V. Morrison, Harold S. Morse, Harvey Morse, Howard E. Morse, John Morse, William M. Morse, Roy J. Morter, Jr., Charles A. Morton, Jr., Charles R. Mosbach, William Moss, Chester J. Mott, Jr., Douglas M. Mott, Richard J. Mott, George F. Mould, Arthur F. Mugford, Jr., William J. Muldoon, Albert Charles Muller, Arthur S. Muller, Jr., Eugene Mulligan, James R. Mulligan, Leonard H. Munday, Jr., Robert B. Munn, Robert E. Munyer, Arthur T. Murphy, D. Neale Murphy, Francis C. Murphy, George I. Murray, Jr., Francis J. Musso, Jr., Joseph G. Musso, Robert E. Musso

Robert E. Nahm, Edward J. Nally, Thomas Napolitano, Ernest Naumann*, Howard P. Naumann, Charles Neal, Francis J. Neele, William H. Neidinger, Edwin Nekton, Arthur T. E. Nelson, Conrad Nelson, Edward W. Nelson, Harry Nelson, James A. Nelson, Robert Nelson, Simon F. Nelson, Stanley A. Nelson, Walter Neville, David H. Newberry*, Percy C. Newberry, Lloyd T. Newell, Clifford J. Newhall, Russell C. Newhall, James Newitt, Terrance J. Newitt, William A. Newport, Samuel L. Newton, Ward E. Newton, Warren W. Newton, William P. Nicholas, Fred Nicklas, Robert J. Nicolicckia, Herbert L. Nicolson, Fulton K. Niece, John Francis Nieman, John S. Nierengarden*, Robert A. Nones, Paul S. Nonn, Alfred John Noon, Franklyn R. Noon, Corodon Norton, Jr., Robert L. Norton, John F. Nothel, Jr., Fred D. Nylund

Daniel J. O'Brien, Jr., Eugene J. O'Brien, John T. O'Brien, Thomas O'Brien, Franklin F. Ocha, Alice A. O'Connor, James C. O'Connor, Lawrence C. O'Connor, Thomas L. O'Donnell, John B. O'Donohue, William J. O'Dwyer, Joseph L. O'Grady, Daniel J. O'Leary*, Paul J. O'Leary, Richard A. O'Leary, Nimrod C. Olinger, Richard Wm. Oliver, William Oliver, Jr., Frank J. Olsen, Martin A. Olsen, Samuel M. Olsen, Jr.*, Paul W. Olson, Robert W. Olson, Theodore R. Oman, Jr., Henry Opperman IV, Samuel S. O'Regan, John C. Orgill, Peter C. Orgill, Robert C. Orgill, Albert V. Ortlani, Thomas Ortmuller, Michael G. O'Seil, Aaron Oshrin, Roy M. Osmund, Stanley J. Ostrow, Alphonsius T. O'Sullivan, Alfred G. Otterpohl

Anthony A. Paczkowski, Leslie A. Pailes, Emil J. Pann, George Paquet, Michael Paraninfo, Paul P. Paraninfo, Marco E. Parapiglia, Donald A. Paterson, Fred A. Patterson, Douglas Paulsen, Joseph Pavlica, Albert W. Pearsall, Jr., Albro Pearsall, Alexander A. Pearsall, Robert W. Pearsall, Harold Peckerd, Angelo R. Pellegrino, Albert F. Pernice, Claude Perpall, Joseph W. Peteria, Frank Peters, Alan E. Peterson, Charles C. Petry, Herbert E. Pettit, Lincoln C. Pettit, William A. Pettit, Lawrence F. Pfaff, Richard F. Pfister, Robert A. Pfister, William C. Pfister, Harry E. Pfsar, Jr., Louis J. Pfuerstinger, Edward A. Phillips, Jr., Franklin Phillips, Frederick T. Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Margaret Phillips, Robert Phillips, Jr., Rudolph W. Phillips, William W. Phillips, Albert Pizzi, Ross Jay Plaisted, Cornelius P. Platt, Gilbert M. Plowman*, John Pobeschein*, William G. Pobeschein, John Polley, Herbert Pollman, Arthur C. Poppe, Charles F. Poppe, Arthur F. Portmore, Andrew A. Poserina, Paul K. Potter, John Poulakis, Edwin G. Povall, David Ralph Powell, George L. Powell, Morgan W. Powell, William J. Power, Jr., Bernard V. Powers, William Powers, Bruce B. Prahar, Temple F. Prahar, George W. Pratt*, Patrick F. Prelle, L. E. Prendergast, Lincoln Prentice, William J. Prinsloo, Edward Pruden, Charles W. Pryer, John C. Pulaski, Joseph W. Pulis, Walter J. Pullan, Richard W. Purdy, Robert W. Purdy, James Francis Pye

John J. Quigg, Marion A. Quigg, James P. Quinn, Joseph F. Quinn

Raymond J. Rabbitt, Jr., Robert J. Raleigh, Willard S. Ralston, David Ramsay, John Ramsay, Herbert Ramsay, Henry M. Raper, Bernard James Ray*, Howard F. Ray, Harry Raynor, Paul Raynor, Robert L. Raynor, Eldon H. Read, Jr., Joseph W. Readon, William H. Redlein, Jr., Ruth E. Redmayne, Charles S. Reed, Charles T. Reed*, Edward Reed, Gerald L. Reed, William F. Reed, Edward H. Reeve, Charles J. Rehkamp, George J. Rehkamp, Raymond N. Reid, Robert H. Reid, Joseph Reider, Jr., Edward Reilly, Jr., Thomas M. Reilly, Dewitte C. Reinecke, Robert J. Reisert, Robert H. Relyea, Andrew F. Renaud, John R. Requa, Benjamin Rhodes, Harry P. Rhodes, Kenneth A. Rhodes, Peter A. Rhodes, Richard Rhodes, William P. Rhodes, Stanley Rice, William T. Rice, Jr., Robert T. Richards, William G. Richter, Arthur F. Ridder, George E. Ridder, Patrick J. Ridicoloso, Joseph A. Riederer, Harry J. Riley, Cyrus F. Rizzo, Frank S. Rizzo, Edgar M. Roberts, George A. Roberts, Jr., H. Bruce Robertson, Donald Robertson, James H. Robertson, James T. Robertson, Charles E. Robins

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*Denotes KIA

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - The Bean Family Plot in Waterville, Quebec

My mother and I visited Greenwood Cemetery in Waterville, Quebec in September. We had been here four years ago, but that was after six inches of snow fell the night before we drove up from Long Island. This time it was a chilly but crisp and sunny morning and I was ready to get to work.

Although the stone was wet and therefore darker the last time we were here, I'm sure that this stone has been cleaned. I have a distant cousin in the area and I have heard that she and her husband clean stones.

The footstones did not appear to have been cleaned, and in fact, had quite a bit of moss that had to be removed from the letters (with just my gardening glove-covered hands) before I could take photos. Thank goodness for the plastic tarp-covered pillow that I made part of my cemetery kit last year, it really saved my knees!

Denison Bean was my 2nd great-grandfather. He and Jane Louisa Emery were married in 1872 and had five children, two of whom are buried in this plot.

Next to Denison and Jane is their youngest son, Harold Bean, his wife Lena Hill and their daughter Jessie Eva Bean. Their footstone is a completely different style than the rest of those in this plot and is so overgrown it is almost illegible.

Frederick William Bean was Denison and Jane's eldest son.

He married Amelia Hannah Hodgson in 1901 and together they had seven children.

Two of their children are buried here.

It must have been readily apparent when Amelia Irene Bean was born that she would not survive, according to church records, she was baptized the same day she was born and buried the following day.

Verna Kathleen Bean was Amelia and Frederick's second child and eldest daughter.

Dennison and Jane had three other children; Frank Denison Bean who died just before his 5th birthday and is buried in a cemetery a couple of miles away, Sylvia Emilia Bean who married Samuel Smith and moved to Vermont, and my great-grandmother Eva Maude Bean who married in 1901 and is buried with her husband in next door North Hatley.

Frederick and Amelia's eldest child, Hubert Bean, moved to California and is buried there. I haven't yet researched their other children; Marion Bean, Percival Bean, Gordon Bean, and Frederick Bean.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Baldwin Veterans Memorial Plaza - Long Island, NY Part I

Baldwin is a village or hamlet on the south shore of Nassau County on Long Island, NY and is next to the village where I live. It also has a lovely veterans memorial, part of a larger park with a pond that is especially pretty in the fall. I had been meaning for months to get over there and take photos for an Honor Roll post. If I had any idea of the number of names on the WWII veterans memorial, I would have made a better effort!

If you would like a close-up photo of a name on any of these monuments, please let me know, I live very close.

The two men mentioned on this sign also have memorial plaques.

To the Memory of Lt. Bernard James Ray, C.M.H.

In Honor and Memory of Sp. 5 John J. Kedenburg, C.M.H.

Behind these stones are the memorials to those from Baldwin who were killed in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Robert T. Hansen
Donald W. Gallagher
Joseph Levison

Donald R. Baxter
Raymond A. Becker
Stanley Bedell
W. Cartwright Celler
Edward A. Clark, Jr.
William I. Deacon
Melford Elderd
Milton L. Emery
Carman J. Fasanella
Frank Fasanella
Raymond T. Foley
Alfred S. Forsyth
Arthur C. Forsyth
Joseph D. Harper
John R. Hale
Alfred W. Hale, Jr.
John F. Harbrecht
Edward N. Harrison
Joseph L. Heim
Leonard D. Hosford
Robert C. Kunz
William J. Lang
Frederick W. Lobenstein
John w. MacLachlan
Robert C. Marius
Theophile P. Masterson
Caswell A. Mayo III
Harold T. McDermott
Thomas F. McKeon
Alexander McKinley
Bernard F. McSorley
William N. Mitchell
George C. Mohr
Ernest A. Naumann
David H. Newbery
John Nierengarden
Daniel J. O'Leary
Samuel Olsen
John Pobeschein
George W. Pratt
Bernard J. Ray
Charles T. Reed
Willard E. Rozelle
John E. Russell
Lawrence Russell, Jr.
Philip K. Scott
Timothy J. Shea
David A. Teale
Otto Viegelmann
Walter G. Vogel
Charles J. Weigand
Clifford F. Wick
Robert F. Winberg

Charles Garity
Anthony A. Giretti
Arthur Gliden
Richard W. Harper
James S. Hay
Peter H. Heissenbuttel
John J. Ludecker
George W. Mainardi
Charles M. Reed
Kenneth M. Roraback

Just to the right of these monuments is a plaque dedicated to "those from Baldwin who served in the Armed Forces in the Persian Gulf" ; there are no names on this plaque.

All the way to the right is a monument to those who lost their lives in WWI.

Oliver M. Bedell
Louise E. Byrne
Omar Lawrence
Harvey Miller
Charles J. Smith
Walter R. Stenzel

Then in the middle is the largest monument in the park; another larger WWII monument recognizing all the men and women from Baldwin who served in WWII, in addition to those killed. The list is quite long, over 2,200 names by my estimation. I'll be publishing those names in another post.

I am transcribing these names as part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project. Please consider transcribing the names from memorials in your town or from a memorial where one of your ancestors is listed. It's a great way to help your fellow genealogists and a great way to honor the service of your ancestors and all veterans, by helping their descendants find them.

In 2016 I transcribed the names on the monuments in Rockville Centre, NY, where I live. On Veterans Day of 2017, a woman found her grandfather's name in my post through a Google search and let me know. She and her mother were very excited and were planning a trip to RVC to visit the memorial. It's that easy to make a difference.