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Funeral Card Friday - Mathilda A Anderson

This past Saturday we drove out to see my stepmother for a "birthday" post-holiday dinner.  She had mentioned a few weeks ago that she had found a bag of loose photos (oh, the horror) of me at about age 2 or 3.  I couldn't imagine where they had come from.  As an only child of an avid photographer, volumes of photos of my childhood grace my bookshelves.  I just couldn't imagine my father leaving loose photos in a plastic bag all these years.

On the way home we stopped for coffee and I couldn't keep myself from reaching in the back seat for the bag and looking through it.  I was amazed at what I found.  Yes, there were pictures of me but there were also pictures of my dad as a baby that I had never seen before, even one of him as a newborn!  There were also graduation pictures and Christmas pictures and pictures of dad with his Lionel trains.  A treasure trove and the best Christmas gift I could imagine!

It will take me some time to get these photos all scanned and organized but for a start, here is the funeral card of dad's maternal grandmother, Mathilda A Anderson, as well as a photo from the bag, taken in the summer of 1937.

Mathilda A Anderson Funeral Card - Inside
Mathilda A Anderson  Funeral Card - Cover

Mathilda A Anderson Funeral Card - Back Cover

Mathilda A Anderson and Stephen D Matthews - Summer 1937