Monday, February 25, 2019

Honor Roll Project - Lynbrook, NY War Memorials

Lynbrook, NY is located in Nassau County on Long Island's south shore. Lynbrook is derived from Brooklyn, the original hometown of many residents at the time it was named in 1894. It is probably most widely known as the setting of the TV sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond.

This post will be part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project to transcribe Rolls of Honor around the world so that their descendants can find them. Please consider photographing, transcribing and posting an honor roll near you or meaningful to you!

Lynbrook's war memorials are in a small square of land at Ross Plaza, Lyon Place, and Saperstein Plaza very close to its Long Island Railroad station.

As stated on one of the plaques of the World War I memorial, the original was destroyed by a motorist in 1924 and reconstructed by residents' donations under the direction of some of the veterans themselves.

I'm not sure if any Lynbrook residents were killed in the first World War. The only names listed here are officers of "Lynbrook's Militia Unit."

Philip Stauderman, Captian - Hawley C. Slack, 1st Lieut. - John J. Derrick, 2nd Lieut.

Also, Gen. John F. O'Ryan who dedicated the original monument.

The plaques on the Doughboy Monument, as it is called, name those residents of Lynbrook who were killed in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and World War II.

Korean War

Hugh C. Reid
Robert H. Whitney, Jr.

Viet Nam War

James Kevin Cockerl
Michael P. Donlon
Dennis W. Finnegan
Patrick Gallagher
Robert W. Moinester
Louis E. Pizzuto
Martin L. Plotkin
George Sidney Smith

World War II

Daniel Brown
John J. Cahill
Martin Carll
Edward J. Caspersen
Winthrop Cummings
Walter F. Flynn
Fred Helbriecht
Bernard H. Holland
Robert G. Kunz
Lewis Langdon
James Prior
Lincoln Spencer Ricker
Frank Scherwood
Edwin Schuler
Sylvan VanAalter

And on another plaque

Harry C. Abrams,Oliver A. Andres, Jr., Alfred Bueffel, Donald Campbell, John M. Carroll, Herbert C. Chamberlain, John Donlon, Malcolm C. Eisman, Charles K. Emmons, Bruce Englander, Alfred J. Grandinetti, Alexander Grant, Edward J. Grohs, Thomas Patrick Hurlihy, John C. Husing, Richard H. Jenkins, John Alexander Johnston, James Mortimer, Milton Brown, Edward Murphy, Stanley Narkon, Frank A. Neu, Harold C. Nylund, George Waldron Petersen, Robert Pettit, Harrison Bosley Raynor, Joseph Ross, Ernest J. Sarro, Robert B. Schratweiser, George Schreiber, Wilmer Sinley, J.D. Stevenson, John Sondermann, Martin Gerald Spinelli, Edward A. Stoner, Jr., Thomas C. Vollenweider, William F. Wannemacher, Robert Gifford White, Bernard Holland

Also remembered here just in front of the Doughboy is a soldier killed in the Iraq War, Jeffrey L. Wiener, HM2, USN.

On either side of the large monument are two smaller stones dedicated to those who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice in the Korean War and those Prisoners of War and Missing in Action,

and to those who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice in the Vietnam War and those Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.

Finally, a few steps away from this group of monuments are six large plaques mounted on either side of a stone monument, making up a Wall of Honor naming all those from the Village of Lynbrook who served in World War II.

Those who were Killed in Action are denoted with a ★ after their names; these names seem to be in addition to those on the Doughboy Monument.

If you would like a close-up of an ancestor's name, please let me know via the contact form on the right of my blog. I live very close and would be more than happy to do it.

Sulo Arthur Armas Aalto, Howard Paul Abel, Richard R. Abouaf, Allan R. Abrams, Arnold Abrams, Edgar Abrams, George E. Abrams, Harry C. Abrams, Herman William Abrams, Oliver L. Abrams, Robert S. Abrams, Robert E. Abrams, Walter E. Abrams, Bruno J. Ackerman, Donald R. Ackerson, William Patimos Ackerson, Edward Ackley, Edmund P. Adair, Samuel Cohen Adelson, Walter C. Ahrens ★, Victor F. Akar, Donald D. Albin, Lawrence Albrecht, Raymond E. Alexander, Robert Martin Alexander, Leslie Velington Alger, C. George Allard, Meddie E. Allard, Arthur R. Allen, Clinton Allen, John Allen, Richard Walter Allen, Jr., Alfred T. Allin, Jr., Hugo George Allmann, James William Allsopp, Charles Alpher, Raphael W. Alpher, Edward G. Ambler, Remus Amorosino, Romulus Amorosino, Constantine Andreadis, Oliver A. Andres, Jr. ★, Roy Kelsey Andres, James W. Anthony, Nicholas Archiello, Adolf S. Armata, Adolph Stanley Armata, Martin Earl
Arnold, Frank L. H. Arnoth, Leonard R. Arnoth, Harry M. Ashmead, Charles D. Avondet, Jr.

Herbert R. Bade, Marcel Bader, Robert Bader, Charles Bagshaw, Charles Balazs, Ernest Balazs, Stephen Balazs, Elbert Baldwin, George Baldwin, Robert O. Ball, William Joseph Ball, Andrew A. Banghart, Joseph A. Banghart, Mannie H. Banner, Daniel Baraban, Ernest H. Barber, Richard C. Bargon, George T. Barrick, Mildred Barrick, Albert Frank Barthels, Berhard C. Bartholomaus, Herman E. Bartholomaus, Burtin Howard Bastedo, Jack Bate, Sidney L. Bate, Harry A. Bates, Burton L. Batt, Fred Battjer, Louis J. Bauer, John Edward Baum, John Edward Baum, Jr., Walter Jack Baumhove, William Porcile Bave, Clifford R. Beach, Francis X. Becker, John Lawrence Becker, William Beckett, Irving Beckman, Arthur A. Bedell, George L. Bedell, William David Beet, John F. Beetz, Stanley Warren Behrendt, Carlos A. Bejarano, Luis Enrique Bejarano, Miguel Eugenio Bejarano, Charles Belcher, James J. Bell, John Joseph Bell, Frank A. Bencivenga, James G. Bencivenga, Jr., Arthur C. Bender, Donald Pershing Bender, Louis Benett, Edward Bennett, Robert T. Bennett, Watson L. Bennett, William E. Bennett, Albert Charles Bente, Herbert Beres, Harold Ira Bernhard, Jerome Joseph Bernhard, Donald Fiske Berry, H. Meredith Berry, Bernard Berton, Louis A. Biamon, Edwin H. Biel, Alphonse J. Bindler, Raymond Birkenstamm, Daniel J. Birmingham, William J. Birmingham, Herbert Birnbaum, John William Bittner, Alexander Black, Arthur Jerome Blake, Jr., Donald Walker Blake, Herbert J. Blauert, Otto Karl Blauert, Franklyn N. Bleser, Louis Bleser, MacDonald A. Bleser, Richard K. Bleser, Harold Bloom, Joseph Bloome, Selwyn Bloome, Harold John Blum, Melville Blume, Edward Giles Boarer, Robert J. Boarer, Richard Boast, John E. Bode, Charles J. Boden, Alexander Boecker, Herman Boehme, Charles W. Bogardus, Jr., Dr. R. M. Bogue, Richard Kenneth Bohan, Edgard August Bohnemann, Vincent DePaul Bolton, Stanley A. Booke, Henry Borge, Robert E. Borgesen, Charles Bortzfield, Jr., Edward J. Boss, Alton James Bowden, Paul Bowden, Russell Eugene Bowden, William J. H. Bowden, Henry A. Box Lynbrook Ave., Henry A. Box Merrick Road, Frank X. Boylan, Harrison W. Boylan, William R. Boyle, Howard Wilson Bradford, Howard A. Braeutigam, Louis Brand, Leon Georges Brandt, Edward D. Branning, Warren Pray Branning, Everett Harry Brascher, Gertrude Brascher, John Brascher, Francis Brennan, Leonard J. Brennan, Frederick W. Briecke, Richard M. Briecke, Edgar Zeh Briggs, Lawrence R. Broderick, Arnold Broido, Richard G. Brons, Marion G. Brooks, Walter Clarence Brooks, Edward Broring, Norman Brousseau, Carroll Brower, Douglas Brower, Joseph E. Brower, Kenneth Brower, William J. Brower, Andrew Francis Brown, Clinton R. Brown, Daniel Brown ★, Milton Brown ★, Robert P. Broyles, Michael Bruzzo, Russell B. Buchanan, Jr., Donald A. Buckley, Edward Buckley, Kenneth H. Buckley, Alfred Bueffel ★, Alfred F. Bulling, Robert K. Bunten, Charles H. Burel, Charles E. Burgess, James F. Burke, Jerry Burke, John Joseph Burke, Jr., Sydney Slaven Burke, William C. Burke, Peter Burn, Lincoln Johnston Burns, Gustave Buttner

Robert H. Caddoo, Jr., John J. Cahill ★, James Cairns, Vincent James Caldiero, Donald Campbell ★, Harry Robert Campbell, Kenneth S. Campbell, Joseph F. Canders, Michael C. Cantelmo, Salvatore J. Capitani, Joseph James Capolino, Michael F. Capparelli, Lewis Capreri, Walter H. Caritj, Frank Carley, Jr., Martin Carll ★, Joseph A. Carlo, Carl W. Carlson, Robert W. Carman, William F. Carman, William G. Carmody, Silvio Carnovale, Wesley Carnrick, George R. Caron, Charles Darrah Carr, John M. Carroll ★, Perley A. Carson, Vernon O. Casper, Walter Casper, Edward J. Caspersen ★, Jack V. Cassamasa, Nicholas Castagnaro, Thomas J. Castle, William F. Castle, Charles D. Caulkins, Herbert C. Chamberlain ★, Paul Chardenet, Pierre Charpentier, Joseph Anton Charvat, Robert Anson Chester, Charles Christensen, Gregory Christopher, Dominic D. Ciaccio, Joseph Cidlowski, Victor Cidlowski, Walter A. Cidlowski, Albert Cincotta, Albert Renato Cinque, John A. Cinquemani, Joseph Gabriel Clancy, John J. Clark, Daniel Clarke, John Gordon Clayton, Arthur J. Cleven, Charles Clifford, William Clifford, Horace W. Cline, Jr., Jack Cohn, Sanford Cohn, Henry Cole, Jirah D. Cole, Jr., Woodbury Cole, Claude Lafayette Collier, Douglas M. Collings, William G. Collings, Daniel J. Collins, George W. Colway, Melvin Frederick Combs, Harry M. Comstock, Jr., Theodore W. Congdon, George J. Connelly, Richard Potter Connette, John J. Connor, Joseph S. Consoli, Edward B. Conway, Francis Conway, Richard Conway, Edward Moore Cook, Henry Norton Cook, John Fred Cook, Madge T. Cooke, Richard Bencel Cooper, William Corgan, Jr., George Cort, John Robert Cort, Nicholas Cort, Richard Warren Cort, James Anthony Cosenza, William J. Cosgriff, John P. Coughlin, Charles John Coward, Farrel F. Cowley, Curville W. Cox, William H. Craft, Benedict Cramer, Jr., Catherine Cramer, Robert Cramer, Geroge R. Crandall, Raymond A. Crandall, Clifford Crane, George H. Crawford, Josef Crawford, Samuel Curtis Creasy, Christopher Creed, John J. Cribbin, Jr., John D. Crisp, Herbert J. Cromwell, Jr., Guy Elmer Cross, Jr., Raymond J. Crowley, Jr., Raymond Michael Cudahy, Leonard John Cuff, Jr., Joseph P. Cullen, Edward John Cumberland, Winthrop Cummings ★, Thomas L. Cummiskey, John W. Cunneen, Donald M. Cunningham

Arthur N. Dadirian, Jr., Charles Daigen, Irving Lewis Daigen, Henry E. Dailledouze, Paul Dailledouze, Anthony Dalto, Jr., Donald F. Dalton, R. Neil Dalton, Thomas A. Dalton, John Sylvester Daly, Jr., Richard Dane, Tom Dark, Claire Alfred Davis, George Huntley Davis, Robert John Davis, Thomas Charles Davis 3rd, Walter Davis, William T. Davis, Robert H. Davison, Robert T. Daw, Wilbur Daw, John Adam Debaugh, Anthony DeCarlo, Dominick DeCarlo, Jr., John DeCarlo, Joseph DeCarlo, Patrick DeCarlo, Clinton A. Decker, Jr., Joseph Decker, Kathryn L. Decker, Stanley W. DeFau, Giosue F. DeGiulio, Edward F. Degnen, Jr., Felix Albert DeGuilio, Dominick DeLisa, John A. DeLisa, Joseph W. DeLisa, Michael R. DeLisa, Michael DeLisa, Patrick Dellaro, Andrew Joseph DeLong, James DeLuca, Joseph DeLuca, Michael A. DeLucia, Frank J. DeMartine, Theodore Demmerle, George Maynard DeMott, Howard Lincoln DeMott, Rudolph H. Denk, James Francis Dennis, Bayard J. Denoie, Leslie J. Dent, Henry Edward Denton, Jack Derevensky, Andrew DeSano, Henry DeSano, John DeSano, Louis DeSano, Robert Morrison DeVie, William J. Devine, Helen I. Dickerson, George F. Dickson, Robert Dickson, Margaret J. Dillon, Raymond A. Dillon, Frank Rodney Dirkes, John Francis Dobson, Jr., George Doell, William A. Dolt, Jack Thomas Donaghy, Hugh Donald, Kenneth Donald, James Donecho, Jr., William James Donecho, Edward G. Donlon, John Donlon ★, Edwin Donnelly, Raymond F. Donnelly, Michael T. Dooling, Edward Joseph Doremus, James Doremus, John Joseph Doremus, Richard C. Dornhofer, Henry T. Dorsey, Donald A. Dougan, Harold Dougan, Allan James Douglas, George Francis Douglass, Harry Dourdis, Albert C. Dousman, Russell C. Downes, Richard D. Drahos, Arthur F. Dratz, Donald Driscoll, A. Milton Drummer, Daniel S. Drummer, Edward R. Dubocq, Leon Dubow, Sydney Duchin, Lawrence Duffy, Richard Olaf Duffy, Walter McDowell Dunham, Kenneth Jay Duprey, Kenneth F. Dyer

Gene Francis Eagan, George Leo Eagle, Jr., William G. Eagle, Robert L. Easson, Nelson W. Edgerton, Eugene J. Egan, Harry Egelman, Charles Hans Eggers, Walter W. Ehrlich, Edward Einstein, Martha Einstein, Herman Eisenberg, Malcolm C. Eisman ★, Alfred T. Ekelman, Jr., Robert Calvin Eldred, Frank Joseph Ellis, Jr., William Ellis, Charles K. Emmons ★, Richard John Engebretsen, Bruce Englander ★, Milton Enoch, Ernst S. Erickson, Kenneth Edward Erland, John Ernst, Frederick Esposito, Salvatore Esposito, Warren F. Euler, Matthew Euringer, Irwin Evans

Karlyle F. Facey, Charles W. Falkenmayer, Edward W. Falkenmayer, Frank Fallon, Charles Famera, Jr., Richard J. Fancher, Thomas J. Farula, Edwin P. Faulkner, William W. Faulkner, James Fehl, Philip Fehl, Abraham Alan Feit, Warren I. Felix, Bernard Fenenbock, William Herman Fenster, Arthur N. Feraru, Felix Feraru, Thomas J. Ferrara, Alfred J. Fetteroll, Leo Alexander Fialla, Edward Field, John W. Fijux, Edward W. Finlay, Robert Finlay, Robert John Finlay, Kenneth Finnerty, Joseph J. Fischer, Elliot Henry Fischer, Rudolph C. Fischer, William Charles Fischer, Anthony Fischetti, Frank E. Fischetti, William Fischetti, Morris S. Fish, Jr., Edward F. Fisher, David D. Fitzgerald, John P. Fitzgerald, Lawrence E. Fitzgerald, William F. Fitzgerald, James Arthur Flack, James J. Flannery, Jr., Mary Flatley, Thomas W. Flatley, Geroge H. Fleming, John W. Fleming, William J. Fleming, Louis A. Fleury, Carlos Nicholus Flores, Christian E. Flory, Joseph J. Fluhr, Philip Fluhr, Jr., Walter F. Flynn ★, John B. Folan, Joseph Anthony Foley, James Banning Ford, Alanson Foster, Russell Foster, Richard Arthur Foulkes, William W. Foulkes, John R. Fountain, George A. Fournier, Arthur A. Fox, Frederick George Fox, John Joseph Fox, Jr., Bertram E. Foy, Richard H. Francis, Clayton S. Francke, Edward H. Frank, Louis Frassetti, Franklin P. Frederick, Kenneth R. Frederick, John J. Freeman, Jr., William A. Freese, Arthur F. Freese, Edward C. Frerk, James William Frew, Eugene C. Frey, Robert R. Frey, William P. Freytag, William H. Friday 3rd, Harry Berthold Friedman, Lenore G. Friedman, Robert Friedman, William J. Frisbie, Arthur O. Froelich, William A. Fuchs, Raymond J. Furey

August W. Gaeckle, Michael James Galgano, Frank J. Gallagher, John Gallo, Donald J. Galloway, James J. Gambee, Alfred George Garbarino, William Garbarino, H. Allen Gardiner, Hyman Garfinkel, John William Geil, Jr., Nicholas Genega, Robert Henry Gercke, Arthur Richard Gerlach, Manfred Gerstley, Frank Martin Gibney, Paul E. Gibson, James A. Gieseking, William Gill, Raymond William Gilligan, James Giordano, Lewis Joseph Giordano, Patrick A. Giordano, Nichran Giragosian, Roland B. Gittelsohn, Burnett C. Gladstone, Rudolph Henry Glaittli, Emanuel Gnatowsky, Harold Louis Goerlich, William H. Goerlich, Jr., Gustave J. Goesswein, Davis L. Goldberg, Jr., Howard Golden, Thomas J. Golder, Gerson Goldman, John Edward Goldstein, Saul Goldstein, Henry Carl Golumbaski, Louis Gonzales, Earl LaPoint Gould, John Edgar Gould, Alfred J. Grandinetti ★, Eugene R. Grandinetti, Vincent J. Grandinetti, Alexander Grant ★, Alexander B. Graves, John A. Green, Louis Harry Greenbert, Harvey T. Greene, Robert Leo Greene, Howard A. Greis, William F. Greis, Harvey K. Griffith, Henry V. Griffith, Charles Jack Grimm, Edward J. Grohs ★, Harold Victor Gross, John H. Groth, Jr., Otto Grunewald, Harold E. Guenther, Frank A. Gulotta, John Norris Gumley, George Alvin Gurabage, Maurice Robert Gutman

Joseph A. Haas, John Michael Hacke, James H. Hackney, Katche Halbourian, John T. Haley, Leslie James Halfpenny, Donald A. Hall, Monroe Hall, Jerome R. Halloran, David C. Hamilton III, James W. Hamilton, Jr., Cyrus Hamlin, L. Hartford Hammon, Jr., Lester H. Hammond, Edward Dennis Hanagan, Milton Hansen, George F. Hanson, John Frederick Harrari, Thomas Harrigan, Leon William Harris, David D. Harrower, Albert Joseph Hart, Jerry Hart, Mary C. Hart, Alfred H. Hartig, William F. Hartnett, Jr., Harry Harvey, Harold F. Haslach, Robert C. Hattersley, Watler H. Hawthorne, Alexander Headley, Jr., Charles F. Healy, Jr., Matthew F. Healy, Jr., Richard Gerard Healy, William J. Healy, Edgard Carlton Heeseler, Walter Heinoldt, Raymond S. Heinser, Harold P. Heitzman, Fred Helbriecht ★, Robert O. Hemming, Dr. Hyman B. Hendler, Robert C. Hendrick, Frederick C. Hendrickson, John D. Hendrickson, Louis Hendrickson, Theodore Hendrickson, Warren Hendrickson, William M. Hendrickson, Charles W. Henkel, Thoms F. Henn, Milton Thomas Hensley, Thomas P. Herlihy ★, Maurice Hervieux, Ernest F. Herzberg, Russell C. Herzog, Peter E. Hess, Norman Hetterich, John William Heydel, Aloys Diedrich Heyen, George A. Heyen, John William Heyen, John Thomas Higgins, Jr., Frank Higginson, Warren F. Hildebrand, Oscar L. Hill, Robert Harding Himes, Franklin C. Himmel, Robert Gustave Hinkel, Andrew Hislop, Paul Hobusch, Maurice Franklin Hodges, Francis A. Hoerlein, Arthur Michael Hofbauer, Marvin Elliot Hoffman, Oscar N. Hoffman, Jr., Arthur E. Hoffman, Robert L. Hoffman, Roy C. Hoffman, James Hogeboom, Francis Joseph Hogg, Joseph Ambrose Hogg, Jr., Richard Emil Hohlman, Russell E. Hohlman, Arthur J. Holland, Bernard H. Holland ★, Herbert R. Holland, Robert C. Holland, William S. Holland, Oscar Holmes, Evald Holmgaard, John W. Holzman, Arthur C. Homme, Jr., Kenneth J. Hope, George C. Hopkins, George H. Hopkins, Thomas A. Hopkins, John Charles Horko, Howard L. Horn, William H. Horton, Charles Horvath, Herbert L. Howell, Edwin Hoy, Anthony L. Hroncich, Kenneth Charles Hubbs, Werner Huebner, Arthur Hug, Jr., Franklyn George Huggard, Eugene F. Hummel, George E. Hummel, Robert V. Hummel, Carter P. Humphrey, Walter R. Humphrey, Jr., Arthur Hunt, Charles Spalding Hunt, Jr., Claude Kenneth Hunter, Jack Hunter, Jessica Hunter, Kenneth F. Hunter, Timothy T. Hunter, John C. Huntington, Jr., John C. Huntington, Sr., William C. Huntington, Harold C. Hunziker, Edward W. Hurley, Howard J. Husing, John C. Husing ★, Delbert Hutchens, Kenneth G. Hylind

Alfred Ilsley, Jr., Arnold Frank Ing, Herbert E. Ing, Jr., Philip Barton Ingle, Robert J. Ingle, Robert C. Irwin, Edmund P. Ison, Jr.

Paul Charles Jabloner, Alfred Earl Jackson, Chester A. Jackson, Jr., George W. Jackson, Henry Jackson, John Bertram Jackson, Robert E. Jackson, Jr., Wilford James Jackson, Harold Philip Jacobson, Lawrence B. Jacobson, Arnold Jaffe, Herman Jaffe, Everett John Janes, Charles F. Jaques, Ralph Jaques, William R. Jehn, Edwin Harold Jelley, Richard H. Jenkins ★, Ernest Jennings, Henry C. Jessup, Elizabeth V. Johnson, Francis H. Johnson, Frank H. Johnson, George F. Johnson, James P. Johnson, John Frederick Johnson, Ralph M. Johnson, Timothy O. Johnson, John A. Johnston ★, Thomas Hague Johnston, William K. Johnston, William C. Johnstone, Grace Jones, Kendall S. Jones, James Jordan, Nathan C. Joseph, Harte M. Juddson, Julian J. Juster, Melvin William Juster

Charles P. Kaiser, Philip B. Kaiser, Bertram G. Kalish, Emil Kallenbrunner, Donald G. Kane, Joseph W. Kane, Bert Alfred Kanwit, Max Kaplan, Adolph Kappauf, Arthur C. Kappelmann, Fred A. Kappelmann, Jr., William Karas, Oskar Emil Karlsen, Robert Christie Karpen, Jerome Kass, Henry Powell Kastner, Philip Kaufman, Howard Kaye, Douglas P. Keahgh, Garald Robert Keahon, Gerald Robert Keahon, William J. Keahon, Jr., Rochard Elton Keating, Henry J. Keefer, Thomas John Keefer, Joseph L. Keeley, Jr., Bernard C. Keen, James E. Keenan, Raymond John Keenan, Jr., Stephen J. Kehrer, William John Keller, William Keller, Jr., John Bernard Kelley, Edward J. Kelly, Joseph J. Kelly, Jr., Joseph N. Kelly, Augustus David Kelsey, George Kelsey, Jr., Harold Kelsey, Melville Augustus Kelsey, Spencer Kennard, Jr., William W. Kennard, Frank Joseph Kennedy, Lee Keran, Carl H. Kielman, Thomas P. Kilroe, Albert B. King, Donald C. King, Robert Francis King, William C. King, Lawrence V. Kipp, George A. Kirschner, Jerome Kizelstein, George Arthur Klaiss, Russell Valentine Klar, Florence E. Kleespies, John Paul Kleespies, Edward John Knettel, Edward Kniaz, Frank Kniaz, Walter M. Kniaz, William R. Knipfing, Alfred P. Knoop, James G. Knowlan, James A. Knowlton, John H. Knowlton, Victor Oswald Knudsen, Walter E. Koehler, Jr., Harold W. Korshin, Carl Koster, Kornel Kostyshyn, Robert C. Koure

Robert Harold Krafft, Harrison William Kraft, William E. Kramer, Jay W. Kreusser, Robert J. Kreusser, Iriving Edmund Kreutel, Theodore A. Kroell, August B. Krogmann, Kenneth W. Krum, Lois Krum, Julius W. Krummel, George W. Kruse, A. Ernest Krusic, Frank Joseph Kubovetz, Frank Kucera, George Kucera, Leonard Y. Kunken, Robert G. Kunz ★, Leonard Kurland, Sidney Kurland, Joseph Kurz, Edard Charles Kuster, John Kyriakon

Hazman Joseph Lacey, David Mithcell Lafferty, Charles H. Lamb, William John Lang, Benjamin Langdon, Lewis Langdon ★, Robert B. Langdon, Thomas B. Langdon, Donald R. Langer, Charles B. Lansdown, Donald H. Lansdown, Nicholas Lanzilotta, Harold C. Lapp, Joseph Paul LaRocco, George Larsen, Howard Laucella, Kenneth Earl Laucella, Warren Patrick Laucella, Albert E. Laumenede, William C. LeBeau, Gordon Lee, Thomas Lee, Arthur J. Leek ★, George William Lehman, Walter Arnold Lehman, William Henry Lehmann, Frank Edwin Lehner, Joseph H. Leiser, Elliot L. Levene, Arnold Levy, Harold M. Levy, Mina Levy, Richard J. Levy, Robert Isaac Levy, Joseph N. L'Hommedieu, Joseph Licata, John D. Lindemann, Hans F. Linnemann, Johan O. Linnemann, Raymond Everett Lisle, Earl Livingston, Jr., Thomas J. Livornese, Robert R. Lloyd, John Alexander Lockwood, Clarence August Lohr, Howard Long, Jr., Harold P. Loose, Richard Lopez, Victor L. Lopez, Edward A. Lowman, Albert S. Lucas, Harry P. Lucey, Harold F. Ludecker, Jr., William Henry Ludeker, Elmer George Lutz, John Soule Lynch, Schuyler R. Lynch, Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., Thomas Joseph Lyons, Jr.

Herbert J. MacGregor, Margaret Mach, Cyril L. Mackler, Joseph H. Maddlone, Michael Anthony Maffucci, Richard Maffucci, Thoralf Ingvold Magnusen, Robert J. Maher, John E. Mahoney, John Joseph Mahoney, Raymond Arthur Mahoney, Robert E. Mahoney, James Thomas Mahy, Frank William Maier, Armando Maiorino, Blaze Maiorino, James Maiorino, Rowland E. Mais, Robert W. Malkmus, Allard I. Malphrus, George M. Malwitz, Arthur J. Mangan, John Edmund Mangan, Robert C. Mangan, William Owen Mangan, William H. Mann, Dominick Marcari, Eugene W. Marcel, Robert M. Margraf, William Margraf, Jr., Joseph Marino, Clyde F. Marion, Jr., Clyde F. Marion, Sr., George F. Markert, Francis J. Markey, James J. Markey, Arthur Martin, George A. Martin, Harold L. Martin, Robert C. Martin, Charles Martinek, Jr., Mario J. Martino, Salvatore J. Martino, Patzy V. Mascati, George W. Masinka, Dorothy E. Mason, Robert H. Matthews, Arthur Joseph Matzen, Bernard G. Matzen, Clarence E. Matzen, Eugene Charles Matzen, Frank-Xavier Matzen, Gerard F. Matzen, Frank Matzke, Jr., Leonard Matzner, Jasper C. Mauceri, John Mauceri, Joseph N. Mauceri, John W. Maxwell, Anton Mayer, William McAdam, Lawrence J. McAteer, Jr., John James McCarthy, Edward McCleary, Jr., Edward Vincent McCleary, Harold W. McConke, George W. McCoy, Peter Anthony McDermott, William Patrick McDermott, John W. McFarland, George McGivney, George W. McGovern, Jr., William L. McIntyre, George A. McLean, John F. McMahon, Jr., Howard McNeill, Francis McNulty, Donald W. McWatters, John Meares, John James Meehan, Stafford Ripley Meeson, Anrew William Meier, Jr., Robert A. Meier, Valentine Meixner, William G. Mendelson, Jack Mercer, Ernest Metcalf, Rudolph Joseph Metzler, John Wilson Meyer, Milton Meyer, Jr., Milton Meyer, Sr., William H. Meyer, John Henry Miesemer, Jack August Miestein, Raymond J. Mihan, Salvatore M. Milano, Everett Laurin Miller, James Miller, Kenneth W. Miller, Martin Miller, Robert W. Miller, Stanley F. Miller, William Cole Miller, Jr., Simon Millheiser, John E. Milner, Alphonse R. Milone, Raymond Michael Milton, Arthur Henry Minges, Murray Mintz, Horace Furze Mitchell, Carl Robert Moebus, Robert T. Moelter, Roy Ernest Moeschen, August Mohr, Donald Gregory Moore, Frank Michael Moore, George F. Moore, Donald J. Morgan, Howard Morgan, James F. Morgan, Armand J. Morin, James Malcolm Morrill, Kenneth C. Morris, Stuyvesant F. Morris, Bruce Morrison, James Mortimer ★, George A. Motschmann, Donald Mott, Leonard Mott, Walter Benjamin Mott, Clarence Wilber Moyer, Emanuel Mungo, Martin Mungo, Raymond Mungo, William Mulcahy, James Joseph Mullany, Kevin Charles Mullany, Francis M. Mullen, Alfred A. Muller, Ernest J. Muller, James G. Munro, Nelson C. Munson, Ernst Munz, Ernami Muro, Michael C. Muro, Salvatore A. Muro, Edward Murphy ★, Harry Peter Murphy, James Murphy, William E. Murray, Robert Joseph Muzzey

David Nadel, Charles B. Nam, Vera Nam, Nils G. Nannfeld, Stanley Narkon ★, Frank G. Nellis, James Henry Nelson, Theodore R. Ness, Frank A. Neu ★, Albert L. Neumann, Jr., Martin Newman, Samuel Newton, Richard P. Nickelsen, Henry J. Niebuhr, Jr., Albert W. Niederreuther, Charles E. Nolan, Donald Edward Noonan, Paul Francis Noonan, Henrietta E. Nussle, Winifred G. Nussle, Harold C. Nylund ★, Harvey R. Nylund

James Joseph O'Brien, John M. O'Brien, John T. O'Brien, John W. O'Brien, Stanley M. O'Brien, William O'Brien (Grace Ave.), Wm. O'Brien (Lynbrook Ave.), Frederick Harry O'Connor, Thomas F. O'Connor, Jr., William Edward O'Connor, Roderick J. O'Halloran, Jr., Gerard W. O'Shaughnessy, John M. O'Shaughnessy, George O'Sullivan, Robert J. O'Toole, Henry Obst, Jr., James W. Odom, Robert F. Oettinger, William L. Oettinger, Charles C. Offermann, Charles Wm. Offermann, Ellsworth B. Ogden, Robert D. Ogden, Charles Ohland, Louis C. I. Ohland, Charles T. Ohman, Howard F. Olmstead, Leonard B. Olmstead, Thomas Olmstead, George Ludwig Olsen, Howard H. Olsen, William Osterloch, Albert L. Ott, Leslie James Ott, George Otto, William F. Owens, Jr.

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Again, if you would like a close-up of an ancestor's name, please let me know via the contact form on the right of my blog. I live very close and would be more than happy to do it.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Genealogy Goals - January

It is the day after Groundhog Day and since I only posted once last month, I thought I would do a little progress report on my goals for 2019.

If you saw my last post you know I only just managed to get my Honor Roll post in for the month. It was a combination of factors that led to my almost missing my deadline, but I'm happy to say that the day I photographed the memorial park in Malverne, I also photographed another memorial and revisited two more for some additional photos. So, no matter what the weather brings now through April, I should have no problems getting those three memorials transcribed and posted on time.

One goal that was not met was my 2 hours of Family Search indexing. I remembered in time (just) but my computer sits in the coldest corner of our apartment. The heat in our lovely but older building doesn't do well with consecutive days of subzero wind chills so I decided my time was better spent snuggling on the couch with our dog, DJ. I did get two hours in yesterday and hope to do another two hours soon so I don't forget again.

Progress on the first three generations of documentation for my DAR application has been slower than expected. My mother can't locate a couple of things she has and I'm waiting to see if she can find them before I spend money on duplicates.

I'm still working on finding my great-grandmother in passenger lists but I did fall a bit behind in my reading on the subject. Having to renew one of those library books today put a flame under me, so I'm planning to finish it soon. I'm also planning to visit my local Family History Center next week to access Arkiv Digital and see if I can find the date that their church says the three girls left Sweden.

My first scanning project for the year is going to be rescanning my grandfather's 100+-year-old albums. I'll be sharing the scans with family, of course, but also with the Eastern Townships Resource Centre in Lennoxville, Quebec, so I reached out to them to see if my scans will work for them (.tif format, 600 dpi, no color correction and shared on Dropbox), which they will.  I also bought some archival tissue to put between the pages of the albums when I'm done scanning them. Hopefully, by the time I'm finished scanning, there will be room in my budget for some proper boxes for them as well.

I spent a good deal of time building a tree for my mother in her Ancestry account after she took her DNA test. I also began my DNA education by reading Blain Bettinger's "The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy." Mum's results came in on the 19th. No big discoveries yet, but I did get genetic confirmation of some 1st and 3rd cousins which is reassuring! I was hoping to have her mtDNA tested with Family Tree DNA, but with the recent news about their opening their database to law enforcement, I am reconsidering. I have no problem with law enforcement pursuing every avenue open to them, but I have a huge problem with FTDNA's apparent lack of transparency about their decision.

Finally, I have listened to quite a few podcasts last month; From Paper to People, Research at the National Archives and Beyond (now Ancestors' Footprints),  Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Connection, Extreme Genes, Genealogy Happy Hour and Ben Franklin's World.

All things considered, I think I did pretty well in January and I'm looking forward to the rest of 2019!