Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sepia Saturday - Christmas Illustrations

Sepia Saturday is going back to a new theme every week. Now, though, instead of posting an image with suggested themes, they are posting just the image and leaving the interpretations all up to the participants.

This week's image appears to be a vintage Christmas calendar or Advent calendar, with lovely illustrations.

Click on the image to visit this week's Sepia Saturday post and the other participants.

I am sharing some vintage Christmas illustrations, too. Rather than an advent calendar, though, my illustrations are on postcards.

Before I was hit with the genealogy bug, I bought these postcards to scan and copy and use in my paper crafts. Now I know that there could be a connection to be made by sharing the information on the other side of the card. 

I hope Santa Claus
will be real, real good
to you this year.

Miss Marie Sewright
1615-10 Ave
Los Angeles

I found a possible lead on Ancestry, but I'll have to do a bit more searching.

Dearest friend,
Wishing you
all a merry
Christmas and a happy
New Year

Miss Viola Immeli
#913 Mary St

I found Viola very quickly on Ancestry at this address in city directories, working as a stenographer. I did not find her in any member trees.

From Lois

Miss Susie Narbor
119 Hawthorne Ave

Hello Irving I wish
you a Merry Christmas
hopeing you will be 
well pleased with your
presents. This Card
is from the girl you
met that Saturday that
did so much talking you
was glad to get rid of me.
From a Old Friend.

Mr. Irving Virkus
491 Clifford Ave
Rochester N.Y. 

Irving appears in a few trees on Ancestry.

Dear Susie
I am so happy you
can walk and
are quite well
Thanking you
for the cards you
have so kindly sent
[illegible] she
has enjoyed them
so much she wishes
you a merry Xmas
Lovingly by your
E.C. Fellows

Miss Susie Narber
119 [Illegible] Avenue

A quick search of Ancestry didn't yield any clues about Susie.

I trust this well
find you enjoying
better health than
when I last heard
from you  we have 
had no cold weather yet.
Just a light snow about
ten days ago.
12-20-08. Omaha

John P Pomeroy
Great Barrington
The Oaks

I don't know if Mr. Pomeroy was found in better health or not when he received this card but sadly he did pass away about six months later according to his death record in Ancestry. I didn't find him in any member trees.

If you recognize any names or other information, please let me know. Also, if you know of any websites or social media pages where I could share these postcards, let me know. Thanks!


  1. Very beautiful postcards and in such good shape!

    1. Thanks. I guess it is the good ones that end up in real antique stores, I've seen some in worse shape at flea markets.

  2. I love the vintage postcards and I, too, try to find out about the people who sent and received them. Usually, I discover that the recipient had a small family and descendants appear to have died, leaving possessions that likely end up in estate sales. Beautiful Christmas postcards!

    1. That's what I was thinking, but you never know.

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful cards and their messages.

    1. I've been meaning to do it for ever, Sepia Saturday lit the fire under me.

  4. What gorgeous cards! I love Christmas postcards, and yours are just beautiful. And it's always nice when they've actually been used, because the messages are sometimes just as wonderful as the images themselves. I hope Irving didn't really try to get rid of whoever sent him his card and that she was just being self-deprecating.
    Thanks so much for sharing these.

    1. I know, I was thinking about the same thing about Irving. I could spend all day looking at vintage illustrations. I was at a local museum a few years back that had a binder filled with someone's collection. Talk about larceny in my heart!

  5. I love these vintage cards and you have such a wonderful collection - made even more special by the messages on the back.

  6. Beautiful cards. In the Dear Susie card, I think the illegible words are "to Auntie White." Would that make sense?

    1. It makes a lot of sense, definitely could be auntie White or Waite even. Thanks, Wendy.

  7. Thanks for sharing these lovely cards here. Hang onto them and you'll probably find others who are also interested in them.

    1. Right, they aren't going anywhere unless I can find descendants or collateral ancestors.

  8. The cards were lovely, and your inquiries, interesting. A little sad in the case of John Pomeroy, but at least he had that last Christmas.

    1. Yes, it was sad to find his death record so close after the card.

  9. A really lovely collection. I had never seen any of these before.