Thursday, December 8, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday - Bishops College School Medals

My mother has been decluttering and organizing her apartment. As a result I have been inheriting a lot of pictures, slides and artifacts over the past few months. I'm trying to scan and photograph these treasures as she brings them to me, but I'm really behind after the goodies she brought me this past weekend. On Saturday she brought me an envelope filled with photos, on Sunday she brought me these medals, among other things.

B.C.S. WAR YEAR 1917

B.C.S. WAR YEAR 1917

Mum had never even looked at these before, having just scooped up the box they were in when she packed up my grandmother's house for her move to assisted living back in the 1990s.  Neither of us had any idea that my grandfather had participated in fencing or high-jump while he was at boarding school at Bishop's College School in Lenoxville, Quebec.

Of all the photos he took at BCS, there were only these two of track and field events and none of fencing and he probably was behind the camera for both of them. The pole vault photo is captioned simply, "OVER."

"OVER" Taken in 1913.

You can just make out that this is some type of foot race. Taken in 1914.

Of course, we don't know for sure that these are his medals. We're really going to have to get in touch with the school and find out if we can dig into their archives for confirmation and hopefully photos. We'll be right down the road for a family reunion in August, I wonder if their archives are open in summer?

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Marian B. Wood said...

What a wonderful cache of treasures and so well preserved. You are so lucky this has been in your family for more than a century.