Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shopping Saturday - Shopping in Pittston, PA

This is one of those frustrating photos that provides a certain window into the past, but just doesn't come with enough information give you more answers than questions.

I found this completely unmarked photo in a box of things belonging to my grandfather that my father had in his basement when he died.

All I can say for certain about this photo is that people are shopping.  Even saying it was taken in Pittston is an assumption, although if all of the people on the customers' side of the counter are together, then I don't think they would have traveled to another town's (what appears to be) General Store with the men in filthy work clothes.

The older male in the photo certainly looks like the only photo I have of my great grandfather, Arthur Matthews, and the older of the women certainly could pass for my great grandmother, Ada.  But there isn't enough detail in her face to say how old she is here.  The older male could be Arthur's eldest son William. I have no photos of the older children, so it all hinges on the year the photo was taken and I have no idea.

Sometime this fall I should be going to my step-mother's house to help her sort through my dad's things and I'll find out if there are anymore things of my grandfather's in storage.  Who knows what I will find - answers or more questions?