Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Cyle 2 - Week 3

So the goals for Week Three were:

1. Tracking Research and 2. Conducting Research........yay!


I have reviewed and decided to use Thomas MacEntee's research log as-is for now.  I know it will take me some time in actually using the log to decide if/how I may modify it for my use.

Like Thomas, I am taking a wait-and-see approach also to decide if I will use one master log or multiple logs for different lines, I imagine I will use different sheets for each line.

I have filled in my research goals for my parents, starting with my father's birth certificate and baptismal records.


Genealogical birth certificates, defined as those for people born 70 or more years ago, in Cook County are supposedly searchable for online ordering.  If the online search yields no results you can complete a form and mail it to them for payment, this was what happened for me.  I find it hard to believe that no babies with the last name Matthews were born in all of Cook County, IL in 1936 since this county contains Chicago, my dad's birthplace, so I am hoping they will find his birth certificate offline.  If they don't find it, they are nice enough to refund your money, but I hope that won't be necessary.  I'll have to ask my mother if she remembers if he every had issues getting one when needed. I could ask my step-mother but that is a can of worms I have no intention of opening!

As for this baptismal record, I'll have to find the church first! I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have no idea where my father was baptized, even the denomination. My grandfather was Methodist, my grandmother was Lutheran and later in life my father became an Episcopal Priest.  It turns out that I found a clue while reorganizing my grandfather's correspondence.  He told a cousin that while they lived in Chicago they attended a community church with a Baptist history.  When I asked my mother about this, she said, "Oh, yeah!" (Gee, thanks!)

So, I have some internet hunting to do and some phone calls to make to get started, I'll keep you posted but probably won't post again this week since I'll be getting ready for my trip to Manchester, CT on Saturday!!

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