Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do-Over Week 13 Progress Report

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Since I blogged last on Thursday I have been busy purging, organizing, rearranging furniture, dealing with a recurrence of GERD, comforting our nervous dog during fireworks, and enjoying a 3½-day weekend.

In there somewhere I managed to also start understanding the differences between Dropbox and IDrive, joined the Technology for Genealogy group on Facebook and considered my options for having a will drawn up and how to include my wishes for the disposition of my genealogical research and archives.

So far, I must say that I am not that impressed with IDrive. This was my first attempt to use the service since signing up during the Do-Over. I had issues including an inability to even sign in on Sunday and tonight and had to try over and over to get my backup going without idrive "quitting unexpectedly." I also found tech support very slow.

IDrive came recommended and I have seen many positive comments about it, so I won't give up on it yet. After speaking with the help desk again today I am hopeful that my issue will be resolved tonight so I'll be able to try again tomorrow or Thursday.

Tonight I started working on my will. Not pleasant, but so necessary. Even though I believe that my family know my wishes and will respect them, I understand that New York is the worst state in which to die intestate (without a will) and so, for those I love I will keep at it.

The rest of this week I will be finishing some projects around the house and attending a couple of webinars, Pinning Your Family History by Thomas MacEntee on Wednesday and United States Naturalization Webinar from the Family History Library on familysearch.org.

Hopefully by the weekend, I will be ready to get more focused on actual research again!

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