Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Senior I Sinners

As a city-kid in Chicago, my dad was fortunate to be able to escape to New England in the summers. His parents sent him to Camp Pemigewassett (Camp Pemi) in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It just sounds relaxing and rejuvenating doesn't it?

Last weekend I found a little treasure tucked in the newsletters that the camp sent home to its campers in the winter, a poem of sorts, apparently written by a tent or cabin mate of Dad's. I thought it would be fun to share for Halloween although I realize that there are people who might find this offensive, with references to Satan and Hell. But please keep in mind that it was written by a teenager at summer camp 60 years ago.

Seniors at Camp Pemi would have been 15 or 16 years old. I have changed all the names except Dad's.

"The Senior I Sinners"

When I was in Heaven, I heard the Lord tell
How early one morning he went down to Hell.
The devil was sitting in a big yellow chair,
With a whole group of sinners from Senior I there.

MacAfee and Jones were dancing about,
and they drank from a bottle that never ran out.
The girls from Camp Ogontz danced through the door,
and panting behind them trotted Dan Moore.

The hell-fires were burning with a fierce glowing heat,
And on them was cooking the barbecue meat.
Roast venison, duckling, chicken and ham,
and the breasts of 2 peacocks for our Charlie Chan.

Brown, Smith and Evans were dealing the deck,
Said the devil, "I'll teach them some new tricks, by heck."
When the third hand was over, his pile was bare,
Said the devil, "I'm quitting, you're not playing fair."

Dan Taylor and Satan then drank a long spree
Until the poor devil could no longer see,
Said the devil, "I'm dizzy and cannot see far,
Won't Thompson please put out that big black cigar."

"I need some new gut for my racket," said Green,
So they grabbed the poor devil and cut out his spleen.
And as they were laughing poor Satan did wail,
For Matthews was tying large knots in his tail.

"Get out," said the devil, "you're driving me mad,
Such a wild bunch of rowdies I never have had.
Go back to Camp Pemi from where you have come!"
And if you may want them, they haunt Senior I.

Happy Halloween!

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