Monday, November 16, 2015

Backup, backup, backup!

This weekend Donald and I got a shocking reminder that you can loose everything in a matter of minutes.

We used to walk by this beautiful 85-year-old, 2 1/2 story house at least a few times a week. Saturday night we saw that a tall fence was now surrounding the property and then we realized that the streets were full of water and the house was black. Walking around the front revealed the full extent of the damage, the house had been gutted by fire and partially collapsed.

Most importantly, no one was hurt, but when we walked by the next day we could see the family in the yard trying to salvage anything they could find, I can't imagine that there was anything. It made me shudder just thinking about all of the precious mementos, photos and negatives that I have yet to scan and save.

Just another reminder that many things in life are out of our control, but timely back-ups are not!

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Jana Last said...

Oh how sad for that family!