Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday - A Photo Restoration Shoutout

I can't remember when my mother gave me this photo of our ancestors; my 2nd great-grandmother Elizabeth Nimmo and her children including my great-grandfather, James Louden Dean, seated next to her at the viewer's right.

It is a wonderful photo but has obvious condition issues; fading, spots and what looks like mold scars. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to have the image restored and have a print framed for my mother for Christmas.

Last year, Michelle Ganus Taggert of A Southern Sleuth blogged about a photo restoration that was done for her by Miles at 399Retouch. He had done such a masterful job restoring the face of Michelle's 2nd great grandmother that I decided to send them my photo.  Below is the amazing result.

Back Row L-R: Robert Irwin Dean, Margaret or Elizabeth Dean, Anna Mina Dean
Front Row L-R: Margaret or Elizabeth Dean, Elizabeth Nimmo, James Louden Dean 

My ancestors the way they were meant to be seen! I can almost feel the fabric and the weight of their clothes, the fringe on the chair and hear the rustle of their skirts.

With just a few clicks and a quick pick-up I had two 8x10 prints made through Snapfish, bought some suitable frames, and now Mum and I each have a copy of this restored photo hanging in our homes.

I highly recommend 399Retouch and can't wait to share this photo with cousins at the family reunion coming up in August. Maybe we'll even be able to figure out which sister is Margaret and which is Elizabeth.


Marian B. Wood said...

Thanks so much for sharing the "before" and "after" photos. A good resource to know about.

Wendy said...

Yes, that's a good restoration. Impressive!

Anna Matthews said...

I was amazed that this could be done.

Anna Matthews said...

Isn't it, I pass it in the hallway and am amazed every day.

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

Wow, what an amazing restoration! I think Miles is really good at what he does and I am so glad he was able to do such a beautiful job with this picture. It's so fun to really be able to see their faces clearly and like you said, practically hear the rustle of their skirts.

Anna Matthews said...

Definitely exceeded my expectations!

photo restoration said...

I loved your post about photo restoration. Much thanks again. Much obliged.