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War Memorial - North Hatley, Quebec

I have been visiting North Hatley, Quebec since I was very little. I have no idea how many times I have been to the farm that my 2nd great-grandfather founded 150 years ago and where my maternal grandmother was born. I've been to and through the village of North Hatley on the beautiful and picturesque Lake Massawippi just as many times, and yet I had to ask the location of the North Hatley war memorial last year in order to take photos. Even more ridiculous, the memorial is located right across the road from LeBaron's General Store which I have also visited many times.

Last year's photos weren't good enough for transcription, but I finally visited again this week and can now transcribe the names here.

Unlike most memorials I have seen, probably due to the small population of the area, this one commemorates the service of all who served, with a cross or star next to the names of the men who were killed. I also just noticed that there are names on the WWI plaque with U.S. next to them. My mother thinks perhaps those men came to Canada to fight between 1914 and 1917 before the strongly isolationist United States entered the conflict. I think she's probably right, but I will have to contact a local veteran's group and or the historical society to see if they have a definitive answer. Also, to see if they have the full names of the men who served in WWII and Korea; they are listed on the monument with only first initials.

World War I
    Hamilton F. Armstrong - U.S.
    T. Gardner Aspinwall - U.S.
✚ Henry M. Atkinson, Jr. - U.S.
    Cyril G. Ballin - U.S.
    Harold R. Ballin - U.S.
    Ernest W. Bamping
✚ Alfred Beach
✚ Adelbert Bean
    Charles W. Bennett
✚ Fred A. Bennett
    Octave Blake - U.S.
    Henry Breckenridge - U.S.
    Lucien Breckenridge - U.S.
    R. A. Brock
    Frank Daves Brown - U.S.
    Charles D.F. Brune - U.S.
    Emmons Bryant - U.S.
    Ervine L. Burns
    Andrew L. Cinnamon
    Earl H. Cinnamon
    Charles. S. Clark
    Humphry Cobb
    Eli Copeland
    Donald Dick
    Jackson P. Dick - U.S.
    William J. Dick
    Albert B.C. Dooley
    Arthur N. Dutton
    Charles J. Edgar
    Clifford E. Force
    William J. Gagnon
    Reginald Gallagher
    George Gardner
    Ambrose Gordon - U.S.
    Frank Gosnell , Jr. - U.S.
    H. Allen Gosnell - U.S.
    Dalby M. Grainger
    A. E. Wilson Harrison - U.S.
    Randolph C. Harrison - U.S.
    Charles A. Hawes
    James Hopkins
✚ Kenneth D'O Husband
    William Husband
    Herbert Jacques, Jr. - U.S.
    James Jardine
    H. Holman Ketcham - U.S.
    John B. Ketcham - U.S.
    Simon R. Kezar
    Wilfred J. Kezar
    Oscar M. Kilby - U.S.
✚ Adelbert LeBaron
    Grant A. LeBaron
    Joseph A. Leduc
    John G. Livingston - U.S.
✚ Gordon Lockwood
    Patrick Lynch
    Arnold C. Mayo
    Ashley W. Mayo
    Clifford W. Mayo
    Albert Matthews
    Harry B. Moss
    Herbert A. McCrea
    A. Lee McKay
    John R. McKay
    Robert McVittie
    Thomas C. Parker
    E. Willing Peters - U.S.
    Thomas Phillips
    Sherwood Picking - U.S.
    James R. Pond
    Harford W.H. Powel - U.S.
    Howard H. Powel - U.S.
    Chilton L. Powell - U.S.
    Paul R. Powell - U.S.
    Verner H. Putney
✚ John Ramsdell
    Frank McN Ransom - U.S.
    Warren A. Ransom - U.S.
    James S. Robertson
    Harry Robinson
✚ Arthur E. Seguin
    Augustus Seguin
    J. Adolph Seguin
    Alphonse Sigard
    Fred Sprigings
    T. Ellis Stebbins - U.S.
    E. Vail Stebbins - U.S.
    Sidney M. Taylor
    Clinton E. Woodward
    Andrew Wylie - U.S.
✚ Alton Young
    Clarence F. Young

World War II
G. Agon
D. Allen
L. Allen
N. Allen
A. Bachand
J. Bachand
A. Bampton
J. Bampton
J. Barrow
K. Bassett
L. Bean
C. Bennett
M. Bowen
R. Bryant
R. Carmen
W. Carroll
C. Cate
M. Cliche
R. Deacon
L. (Lawrence) Dean ★
N. Ditchburn
R. Ditchburn
A. Doyon
O. Fidler ★
P. Gagnon
W. Gagnon
P. Gauthier
M. Gokey
S. Gomes
R. Gordon
C. Guild
J. Guild
L. Guild
W. Guild ★
C. Hartwell
C. Hawes
G. Hawes
E. Humphrey
D. Johnson
R. Jones
D. Kezar
D. Kezar
J. Kezar
R. Kezar ★
R. Kezar
W. Kezar
C. Ladouceur
G. Ladouceur ★
S. Lavoi
L. LeBaron

R. LeBaron
J. Lennon
A. Lusty
C.  Lusty
D. Martin
A. Marlowe
G. Mayo
E. McCrea
F. McCrea
J. McCrea ★
W. McCrea
D. McKnight ★
G. Meigs
R. Merrill
A. Moore
G. Penwill
W. Penwill
W. Raymond
S. Reed
W. Ride
R. Riley
F. Rudd
J. Sampson ★
A. Seguin
G. Seguin
L. Seguin
R. Seguin
H. Sharman
W. Sharman
G. Smith
E. Stiles
F. Stone
G. Sprigings
H. Taylor
K. Taylor
R. Taylor
S. Taylor
P. Trusell
H. Thwaites
J. Voisard
R. Voisard
H. Wheeler
A. Woodward
W. Woodward
H. Wort ★
J. Wort
J. Young

Korean War
E. Bampton
G. Ditchburn
R. Hughes
D. LeBaron
J. Rasmussen
H. Wheeler

All gave some, some gave all.

I will be sending this link to the Honor Roll Project so that family history researchers might find family members listed here.

Please consider adding your local war memorial to the project so that other genealogists can find their ancestor.

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Marjorie Stintzi said...

Interesting read. I like the idea of naming all those who served. It is very common for US citizens to join the Canadians and fight in both the First and Second World War. I even have the reverse in my area as well. I will add my names from the cenotaph to the site you mentioned.