Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - John Dean and Elizabeth Nimmo

John Dean and Elizabeth Nimmo, two of my 2nd great-grandparents, were married 150 years ago this week, six months after John purchased the family farm that I have written so much about.

They were married at the Crescent Street Presbyterian Church in Montreal by the Rev. Mr. McVicar.

The Rev. Mr. McVioar
Family lore says that John and Elizabeth's three-day trip home to North Hatley was their honeymoon. I don't know for how long they lived alone in the log cabin on the farm, but it couldn't have been too long because Elizabeth's mother, Elizabeth Louden, does not appear in any Montreal directories after 1868 but is in their household in the 1871 census.

John and Elizabeth welcomed their first child, my great-grandfather James Louden Dean, in 1870. He was followed by three girls and another boy. Sadly, John died of pneumonia in 1888.

Elizabeth Nimmo and her five children.
Elizabeth lived to be 81-years-old, dying at the farm in 1924. She is buried with her husband and mother at Reedsville Cemetery in North Hatley.

My mother took this beautiful photo in 1990, the farm is still in the family today.

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Marian B. Wood said...

Farm is still in the family! Wow. Wonderful photos too.