Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Honor Roll Project - Bethpage, NY

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed this Honor Roll in Bethpage, NY to make the names visible to search engines like Google and Mocavo so that family researchers may find them. Please consider finding the Honor Roll(s) in your town or village and transcribing them on your blog or website. And even if you don't have a blog or website, see the Honor Roll Project for instructions on how you can submit a transcription.

Bethpage is home to the library that hosts two of the genealogical society meetings I try to attend every month, the Irish Family History Forum and the Italian Genealogical Group.

Bethpage is most widely known, however, as the home of Northrup Grumman, the company that designed and built the Lunar Module for the Apollo missions.

This memorial is located at the Bethpage Community Park at 1001 Stewart Avenue, which is also home to the Town of Oyster Bay Skate Park and Skating Rink.

 The thing I love most about this memorial is this plaque.

It isn't entirely clear if the high school band mentioned here had the plaque made or just did the research to find the names of the fallen, but they are responsible for its inclusion either way and I love that.

Guido Farinaro
Otto C. Grabow
James M. Hasenflug
William F. Henaghan
Leonard F. Jantzen
Stephen Karopczyc
Gerald W. McCaffrey
Peter R. McCarthy
Michael R. Morgan

The only other Honor Roll here is for World War I. I would feel safe in assuming that like other plaques I have photographed, the stars next to three of these names indicate that those men were killed in action.

Raphael Amendola
Lewis J. Bourguignon
★ George Benkert, Jr.
Herman Brandt
★Benj. Bartovitch
Frank Campagna
Milton J. Deubel
John Garrett
Gustave Gloeckler, Jr.
Louis Hoebel
Edwin Henn
Jason D. Howell
Townsend Jackson
Clarence Jackson
Henry Koehler
William Kranz
Frank Klug
Fred. W. Lauman
Jacques Liandier
Milton Leslie
Sidney Leslie
Walter Leslie
William Loftus
William Margot
Arthur McCord
★ Archibald McCord
Jacob Miller
Edward Nardi
Joseph Niemczyk
Herman A. Ott
John V. Olsen
Humbert Possenti
Edwin A. Stevens
Carl Schwartz
Henry Stumpel
Harry Seaman
William Vogtlander
Henry A. Wagner
Valentine Walsh
William Winter
Vincent Winter
Joseph Zuk
Alfred J. Zwickert
William H. Zwickert

Although these are the only rolls of honor here, three plaques remember those who served in World War II and those who gave their lives in the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Also remembered at this memorial are two firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Captain Joseph Dunn
Fireman Robert Hassett

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