Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Honor Roll Project - Bellmore, NY

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed this Roll of Honor in Bellmore, NY to make the names visible to search engines so that family researchers can find them.

This memorial park is located on Bedford Avenue just north of the Long Island Rail Road tracks.

Erected by the residents of Bellmore in honor of our boys who answered their country's call. In The War For Liberty 1917-1918.

George R. Adams
William Armstrong
Harold Baldwin
Walter Brockman
Clair S. Bartholomew
G. Anderson Bloomer
Frank R. Britton
Amos Baldwin
William Betz
Michael Betz
John Busch
Rudolph Busch
E. H. Bohnemann
Le Roy Dunn
Walter T. Dunn
Harry Green
Arthur Horn
George Howley
Dr. H.V. Holcomb
Frederick Hodgson
Walter Hardy
Harold Hardy
George Johnson
Peter Johnson
Paul Jaeger
Jacob Karp
Mande Karp
Alex Karp
Jacob Koch
Elmer Kress
Frederick Lutz
George Merrett
James M. O'Hearn
Kenneth Tillotson
Thomas Palermo
Arthur Southard
Frederick Schebs
Thure Sindburg
Percy Smith
William Smith
Herbert L. Von Mechow
Harold A. Von Mechow
Emil Wiedeman

No plaque here lists the names of those who served or died during World War II.

In Memory of the men from Bellmore who died during the Vietnam War.

James Kendrick
Joseph Piambino
Joseph Mancuso
Joseph Mandarino
Charles Meerholz
Richard Weidner
William Klenert
Michael Mannina
Greg Ellison
Charles Emery
William Wicks

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