Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sentimental Sunday - George Washinton Smith b. February 22, 1898

I interrupt this week's posts about Ada Hobbs Matthews to bring you some photos of my maternal grandfather, George Washington Smith.  He was born on George Washington's birthday in 1898 to George Robert Smith, an American who had married and settled in Canada.

Yesterday at the end of our weekly grocery shopping, my mother surprised me with a bag of photos and family documents, mostly from the Smith family.  There were some real gems in there which I look forward to sharing with you in the weeks to come.

George W Smith Aged 2 years and a half - Aug 1900
George W Smith - WWI

Janet I and George W Smith ca 1941
Janet I  and George W Smith Oct 22, 1966
Christmas 1969 - Feeding my grandfather mince pie.