Thursday, September 17, 2015

Coming Up For Air

I have wonderful memories of playing
at this desk with my grandfather Matthews.
 In the last ten days I have added my grandfather's desk, a lovely mahogany coffee table, two sets of china, a set of silverware, over 150 photos and more to my home. This is a challenge in a 2-bedroom apartment to which we had just added a daybed so Donald can snore the roof off without keeping me awake. For the past week and a half our living room has resembled a unit at Public Storage!

Saturday is the wedding anniversary of these same grandparents who's china, furniture and photos I have finally inherited so I am working toward getting things photographed and scanned for a post.

My parents had a few sets of nice china
when they divorced. Dad had this one.
I love seeing it again & can't wait to use it.

Until then I am drowning immersed in my history instead of researching it, but I am making progress and I'll be back Saturday!