Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two THOUSAND Negatives

So, I don't think that Military Monday post I keep writing about is going to happen...

Two THOUSAND negatives found in my step-mother's basement. 1,185 of them are from my grandparents' trip to the Near East in 1938. There are more photos, too.

We also brought home two dozen books, more decorative housewares we'll call them and about a dozen Bibles, some belonging to great-grandparents, some to grandparents, and even one to a great-grand aunt. Two are in Swedish, one is in Greek and another very small one has olive-wood covers and was purchased by my Grandmother Matthews in Jerusalem in 1938.

Donald has been so helpful even as our apartment turns into a shrine to my family. I really do owe it to him to get as much done as possible today. But I will be back with something in the next few days, I just can't get over to my mother's to get Grandpa Smith's medals to photograph for that post.

Happy Sunday!