Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Bean Burying Ground of North Hatley, Quebec

When I first saw "Bean Burying Ground" in one of my ancestors burial records, I thought I might have to make my my way there through a stand of maple trees or find it inaccessible due to growing crops. Thankfully though, the Bean Burying Ground is now Lakeview Cemetery and is accessible to anyone.

As its former name implies, Lakeview Cemetery started as a burial ground for the Bean family on the farm of Moses Quimby Bean, my 4th great-grandfather, an early settler in North Hatley, Quebec, who was born in New Hampshire. It was quite something to stand on this hallowed ground, taking in the beautiful scenery and the surrounding farmland and know that it was originally cleared and farmed by my ancestors.

Although it isn't quite the quiet spot it once was due to the fact that it now lies on a busy route through this countryside, it is still a beautiful place to farm or to spend one's eternal rest.


Marian B. Wood said...

This cemetery is beautifully kept and seems a most peaceful place. Did you photo the graves and post on F-A-G?

Anna Matthews said...

I did photo the graves but only for myself, they were on Find A Grave already. There were some stones that aren't on FAG - but are on as of 2004 - that we didn't find, so more inquiries to be made there. I was able to fulfill two FAG requests out of five that were outstanding and get back to the other requestors with my findings. Luckily this is a small cemetery and we were able to walk it twice to confirm the result.