Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fearless Females - Day 6 - Heirlooms

Lisa Alzo, the Accidental Genealogist, started a blogging prompt-series in 2010 in honor of Women's History Month and our female ancestors. If you wish to participate, the prompts are here.

Today's post is about heirlooms inherited from a female ancestor.

I'm going to make things easy on myself today and show you some heirlooms that I've already photographed and shared on my old crafting, etc. blog when I participated in a weekly party called Vintage Thingy Thursday.

This charm bracelet belonged to my mother's mother, Marjorie Elizabeth Dean Smith. The charms were collected while traveling across Canada and in Europe on trips for pleasure and my grandfather's trips for business.

When she would wear it when I was little, my favorite charms were always the ones that moved or where interactive in some way.

This child's tea set belonged to my father's mother, Dagmar Alice Viola Anderson, and it was given to me when I was a child. I didn't play with it much, however, because I could only have it out with the help of an adult and under their strict supervision. It was a big deal for me to be allowed to use it. Today it is displayed in my china cabinet.

I think of my grandmothers whenever I use or look at these items.


Dana Leeds said...

Absolutely lovely!

Wendy said...

That charm bracelet is terrific. I usually buy a refrigerator magnet as a souvenir of our travels. Dang I am dull!