Thursday, March 31, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday - Middletown, Connecticut

Over two weekends last September, Donald and I went through my step-mother's basement finding much hidden family treasure in the way of furniture, silver, china, photos, negatives, Bibles, documents and books.  After a good airing out I am trying to devote at last an hour every Wednesday evening to scanning and photographing these items for posterity and so that I can share them here with you on Treasure Chest Thursdays.

This week I have scans from another Scrapbook/Album to share with you. This one is from

After leaving East Orange, NJ in 1935 to take a position at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, then a position at the University itself, my grandfather was eventually called back to Wesleyan University, his alma mater, when he was offered the position of Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer. It seems as though Dad took these photos shortly after their move east. My captions are his captions.

M.H.S. Band in the Parade

Isn't it a little cold up there, brother?

Float in the Parade

2nd governor's footguard in the parade.

2nd governor's footguarde in the parade.
 The drum reads 2nd Co. Gov's Foot Guard
Field Music
New Haven, CT
State Police in the parade
Some band in the parade

A float in the parade
Old time hose cart in the parade

Sam Mattis and ex Mayor Bill in the parade

Dinosaur Footprints in Middlefield, Connecticut

Pennie 8 wks.

Pennie in a basket - 8 wks

8 wks Pennie asleep in the kitchen.

8 wks Pennie lying on the lawn.

The rest of this album are photos from Middletown High School but those will have to wait a couple of weeks. Next week I'll be sharing something of my mother's in honor of her 79th birthday.

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