Thursday, April 7, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday - In Honor of Mum's Birthday

Saturday will be my mother's 79th birthday, so rather than share photos from Dad's scrapbook/albums this week, I have some of Mum's treasures to share.

This is a photo that I grew up seeing on my mother's dresser. She had it in a hinged double frame with a photo of the two of us right after I was born.

I've always thought that this weight chart is such a great piece of documentation. Not only does it confirm certain details of my mother's birth, its also evidence that hospitals did not always toss mother and child out the door withing 12 hours of birth. Neither my mother nor my grandmother was sick after delivery, so this must have been standard operating procedure at Sherbrooke Hospital in 1937.

Easily my favorite piece of treasure related to Mum's birth is her Baby Book. The illustrations are so lovely. The genealogical information it contains is seriously just a bonus. I actually scanned these pages a few years back and apparently not the whole book, but I thought I would scan the rest this evening. It seems that Mum took the book back to her place at some point, but that will just give me more to share with you next year.

Next week, back to Dad's scrapbooks with some photos of classmates and a school play.


Marian Burk Wood said...

What wonderful genealogical treasures! Especially the baby book. Happy bday to your Mum!

Wendy said...

The illustrations are so sweet. Love the photo too - mother's love!