Sunday, April 24, 2016

Celebration Sunday - Photos for a Cousin

This week I was finally able to sort through the last of the photos found in my step-mother's basement last September. In doing so, I was able to give a cousin the first glimpse of her second great-grandmother, Laura Scharer Matthews. Laura Scharer was married to William G. Matthews, the eldest son of my great-grandfather, Arthur William Matthews, and his first wife.

Thank goodness the person who sent these photos to my grandfather (possibly one of Laura and William's daughters) wrote on the backs or I never would have known who was in them!

Laura Scharer Matthews (rt) and
her granddauther Betty Haynes (lt)
Laura Schaerer Matthews (lt)
and Betty Haynes (rt)
 It is such a gift to be able to give these photos to my cousin! She was very excited to hear I had them and to see the scans and I'll be mailing out the originals to her tomorrow. Happy Dance!


Marian Burk Wood said...

It's wonderful that the photos had captions and that you were able to give the photos to your cousin. Congratulations!

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

Oh how I would love to receive photos in the mail like that! (or find some in someone's basement!!) I keep hoping someone comes across family pictures and that like you, they are willing to share them!

Cheri Hudson Passey said...

Fantastic pictures! Thanks so much for adding your Happy Dance to my Celebration Sunday~Happy Dance blog post this week.