Saturday, March 26, 2016

My 5-Generation Birthplace Pedigree Chart

The sensation sweeping Genealogy Nation.

I've seen so many now, I can't remember where I saw it first. Only that it was started by J Paul Hawthorne who writes the GeneaSpy blog. Friends made their own, then their friends, and now it is everywhere and I am late to the party.

Some genealogists have made six-generation charts and obviously we can all make ours whatever we want it to be. Jana Last, Judy Russell and others have shared links to spreadsheets so you can just fill in your own information. I made mine on Numbers, the Mac spreadsheet so I just winged it.

I'm still working on those Continuing Education credits, as well as having a small Easter dinner tomorrow but I will have a post up for Celebration Sunday.

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Unknown said...

Dear Anna, I just read a past blog of yours where your grandfather was counseled by Malachi Glennon to get out of the mines. It was priceless, especially since Malachi is the brother of my great grandfather, James Malachi Glennon. I treasure it and wanted to thank you!