Saturday, May 28, 2016

Honor Roll Project - Veterans Memorial Park, Rockville Centre, NY

The Honor Roll Project is an effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls.  The transcribed names make the soldiers available for search engines, so that descendants and family members can find them on the internet.  It is a simple, but very rewarding project.  If you would like to participate, leave a comment at, or an email at

In my last Honor Roll Project post I transcribed the names of eleven Rockville Centre, NY residents killed in World War I. The memorial is in two huge plaques on the front of what is now South Side Middle School. My curiosity piqued, I have been doing some additional research and along the way rediscovered Veterans Memorial Park also here in Rockville Centre. The park has memorials to Rockville Centre residents killed in both World Wars, Vietnam and Korea.

This is the area of the park that holds these four memorials. They are set in a semi-circle inside the shrubs so you can't see them from this vantage point.

The one stone that you can see from here is inscribed with these words from the Gettysburg Address: 
                                                                                                    A. LINCOLN.

Behind this stone and the hedges in back of it there is a fountain. Either it is no longer working or it has been turned off for the winter. I don't pass by this park very often, so I'm not sure. Maybe we can find out when we come down for the parade on Monday which ends here.

These two memorials are to the left of the Lincoln stone:

 Robert Garrison
James Donato
Harold Fiske
Louis Langdon
Winona Martin
Joseph Murphy
Reginald Rinder

Milton Griesbach
Leo C. Higgins
August Mauer
Edwin Miller
Francisco Molisse
Warren Stein
Robert VanCott

Edward Abrams
Landon Abrams
Daniel Johnson
John J. Lott
D. Herbert O'Dowd

Thomas J. Casey
John H. Ferril II
Adam D. Knecht
Richard A. Marfurt, Jr.
Raymond C. Meehan
Gerald Sorrentino

And to the right of the Lincoln Stone are the other two memorials:

Bertram Audley
Hobart R. Gay
George A. Murray, Jr.
Walter Fred Strohm
William J. Tschuschke

Paul F. Barber, Jr., Joseph Baselice, Robert H. Bates, Robert Brown, Richard A. Burke, Thomas G. Cain, Joseph S. Casella, William L. Chambers, Henry N. Clagett, Walter E. Corbeil, Charles W. Crabbe, Eugene W. Davis, Robert W. Davis, Daniel W. Dawson, Joseph Dawson, Edward C. Digan, John G. Dwyer, Alfred N. Edwards, John J. Eichmann, James R. Ell, Joseph J. Fasolino, Frank J. Fassanella, Erwin J. Fehr, Herbert W. Funk, Jr., Earl K. Griffen, Frank C. Haggerty, John C. Harvey, Stanley B. Helfenberg, David H. Hornstein, Joseph H. Hughes, James Husser, Gene C. Isaac, George E. Jenkins, Ebert B. Johnson, John G. Kearns, William A. Klostermann, Jr., Jerome J. Kobel, Leonard Leder

John A. Leighton, Sommers D. Levermore, Norman Levine, William M. Lickel, Alexander McKinlay, Oliver K. McMahon, Frederick E. Neipp, Jeremiah E. O'Brien, Gerald M. O'Connell, Jr., Anthony H. Oswald, Edward G. Pettit, John S. Phipps, Charles B. Quantrell, George D. Randall, William C. Rathbun, William R. Reddington, Jr., Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr., James W. Riddick, Kenneth F. Robertson, Ralph O. Sankin, Paul W. Schmidt, Benedict G. Schmitt, Carl F. Schmitt, Harry W. Scott, Jr., Raymond W. Seedorf, Robert M. Sepin, Clarence F. Simmons, Jr., George R. Smith, Henry C. Smith, Baptist A. Sorrentino, William C. Sullivan, John C. Veibrock, Herbert Waxberg, Herman G. Wenzel, Jr., William F. Whelan, George B. Wilkens, Willard W. Williams, Jr.

Some time next week I will share more about my research of the Middle School memorial.