Monday, September 12, 2016

One Huge Preservation Project Done

Saturday I scanned the last forty or so of my father's collection of slides. The last slide to be scanned was this photo of my great Aunt Anna Elizabeth Peterson who was one of the Annas for whom I am named. She was the wife of my paternal grandmother's brother, Axel Heinrich Valdemar Anderson, and is pictured here enjoying coffee and cake at a party for my grandmother's 75th birthday in October of 1980.

All told, I scanned 1,872 slides from Christmastime 1949 in Chicago to the summer of 1991 at the end of the Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race.

As I emptied each carousel of these slides I kept them in the closet in our spare bedroom so that I could offer them all together on Freecycle when I finished.

They were all claimed by one person within two hours of my post and will be picked up this afternoon. Now all of these slides, minus two carousels worth that I gave to my step-brother, have been placed in closed binders and sit safely on a shelf in that same closet in our spare room.

Next project - rescuing photos from the acid sandwiches of magnetic photo albums. Stay tuned!


Marian B. Wood said...

Congratulations, Anna, on accomplishing a tremendous scanning/preservation job! When I scanned my father-in-law's slides, I saved only people slides, images of homes/rooms, and the occasional slide of a home neighborhood. All touristy slides were tossed--nobody wanted them.

Anna Matthews said...

Thank you, Marian. It is such a relief to cross this one off of my list!

Linda Stufflebean said...

Congratulations on sticking with it until it was finished. I did the same thing last year and I was very happy when I crossed it off my "to do" list. I sent my stuff out to be scanned, but I had over 6000 pictures and documents. The physical organization was a lot of work, not to mention renaming all the images, which had numbers. It certainly feels good knowing that it is done, doesn't it?

Anna Matthews said...

Thank you, Linda. Yes, it feels great knowing it is done and to no longer have those boxes "staring at me". Even though there are other scanning projects in my future, it was great to reach a milestone.