Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Howard Matthews and Dagmar Anderson

Next Monday will be the 85th wedding anniversary of my paternal grandparents, Howard Bierley Matthews and Dagmar Alice Viola Anderson.

They were married at the home of my grandmother's brother, Elmer Carl Ragnar Anderson and the reception was held at the home of her parents.

Last year I had some home movies digitized which included their wedding reception.

This year I was able to confirm, with the help of a cousin, that my grandmother's maid of honor was the sister of her brother's wife. Dagmar C. Peterson is the sister of Anna Elizabeth Peterson who married Axel Heinrich Waldemar Anderson.

I was also able to confirm that I had correctly identified her in some later family photos, like this one from my grandmother's 75th birthday.

Who will I identify this year? Stay tuned.