Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Wedding 50 Years Ago Today

My parents, Stephen David Matthews and Janet Isabella Smith, were married 50 years ago today at St. John the Divine Anglican Church in Thetford Mines, Quebec.


In addition to her veil, my mother wore a traditional gold Swedish wedding crown that belonged to one of my father's cousins. Traditionally, if the crown were to fall off of the bride's head it would be a sign that she was not "pure".

Sure enough, The Montreal Star didn't know what the crown was and dubbed it out of the photo. As you can see, my parents had some fun with that.

Even as a child I loved looking through their wedding photos and I can remember taking Mum's wedding dress out of storage when we visited my grandparents. Although their marriage ended in divorce after 13 years, I am of course grateful that they did marry and have a daughter. Whatever problems they had, I have very happy memories of those first 11 years of my life.