Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back to the Genealogy Do-Over: Month 5 - Citing Sources

With all the scanning and photo preservation I've been doing the past few months, other genealogy activities have taken a back seat. I finally purchased the Kindle version of Evidence Explained a couple of months ago (I already owned a hard copy of the previous edition) and this week I finally re-read Chapter 1 and read Chapter 2. Finally.

Now I am ready to start, one person at a time, citing documents like this birth announcement for my father that I found in the "basement stash" last September and putting those citations into my research logs and into my Evidentia software for evaluation. I've had that for over a year and have not put it to use yet.

Do you use Evidentia or another tool to help you evaluate your evidence?

P.S. Speaking of Elizabeth Shown Mills. If you are a Legacy webinar subscriber she recently did an unbelievable presentation "FAN+GPS+DNA" which I watched last night as "homework" for DearMYRTLE's Wacky Wednesday webinar of the same name in which DearMYRTLE and her panelists discuss Elizabeth Shown Mills' methodology. You can find that here (with registration which allows you to see comments) or on YouTube when it's up. If you aren't a Legacy webinar subscriber you can pay to watch just this seminar, but I recommend becoming a member. You get 24/7 access to webinars old & new from great presenters on a huge range of topics for about $50 per year. Cheap at twice the price!