Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sepia Saturday - From Here to There - Camels and Donkeys and Horses, Oh My!

Now that Dad's slides and the three magnetic photo albums in my possession are scanned (just found another one - sigh!), it is finally time to scan my paternal grandparents' album from their trip to the Near East in 1938.

It broke my heart to do it, but the album was in such awful condition with the pages literally breaking whenever they were touched, that I finally made the decision to dismantle it entirely. There's something a little soulless about a collection of loose photos, maps and mementos as opposed to an album that clearly took time to assemble. Unfortunately the makers of this album did not choose materials for the inside of the album with as much care as the beautiful maroon leather cover which my grandfather had embossed with the words "NEAR EAST'.

In 1938 he was Executive Secretary of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and he and my grandmother went on a three month inspection tour of the Institute's expeditions; the Epigraphic Expedition at Luxor, Egypt, the Megiddo Expedition in Palestine, the Temple of Darius and Xerxes at Naksh-i Rustum near Persepolis in Iran and the Syrian Expedition at Allepo.

I have only just started scanning the photos from the album, and there are many more negatives which were not developed, but there are plenty of interesting photos mostly from Egypt that fit this theme.

"Guide who sang, "Yes, we have no bananas" on the way to Sakkarah.

"Dagmar with white camel"
Market Day, Luxor, Egypt

"Dagmar wading stream via horseback on way to Naksh-i Rustim, Iran.
Although I am entirely grateful to have these photos, I cannot wait until I have it in my budget to by a scanner that will digitize the large negatives from this trip. I also wish there were a photo of my grandmother on the camel on which she toured the Great Pyramids, but that happened late at night, so it isn't likely.

Next week I have more photos from this trip; cars, trains and ships

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