Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Honor Roll Project - Massapequa, NY - Klestinec Park

As part of Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I have transcribed this Roll of Honor in Massapequa, NY to make the names visible to search engines so that family researchers can find them.

This memorial park is located on a triangle formed by Broadway, Franklin Avenue and Michigan Avenue. I photographed this honor roll some time ago and now I can't remember if I knew it was there or if we stumbled on it.

This first stone does not contain names but is a memorial to all who served in the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada and the Persian Gulf.

This memorial lists the names of soldiers killed in Vietnam, it also gives a their rank, branch of the military and the date they were killed.

1st Lt. Thomas A. Sanders
USAF Killed July 7, 1965

Cpl. Albert F. Klestinec, Jr.
USMC Killed July 10, 1966

Sp/4 William Mansfield
USA Killed October 29, 1966

Sp/4 Thomas Gray
USA Killed February 18, 1967

Cpl. Patrick Gallagher
USMC Killed March 30, 1967

Sp/4 Leonard F. Jantzen, Jr.
USA Killed April 8, 1967

Pfc. Steven L. Millett
USMC Killed June 7, 1967

Pfc. Robert J. Kubinciak
USA Killed July 7, 1967

Sp/5 Joseph C. Lupo
USA Killed August 27, 1967

L/Cpl. Michael J. Ferrara
USMC Killed March 6, 1968

Sgt. Alan Giannelli
USA Killed September 14, 1968

Maj. Robert H. Harrison
USAF Killed June 18, 1972

W.O. Thomas J. Casey, Jr.
USA Killed February 18, 1969

Sp/4 Brian E. Swane
USA Killed May 8, 1969

Sp/4 Karl A. Schofer
USA Killed June 9, 1969

L/Cpl. Joseph E. Colorio
USMC Killed August 12, 1969

Sp/4 Kim Michael Diliberto
USA Killed August 17, 1969

Sp/4 Frank T. Henson
USA Killed May 10, 1972

There is also a mounted plaque in honor of one of the men listed above, Cpl. Albert F. Klestinec, Jr., and according to Google, although I did not see a sign, this is Klestinec Park.

I haven't found any other memorials or rolls of honor in Massapequa, although there are some in neighboring Massapequa Park that I have yet to locate and photograph.


  1. I like the simplicity of these monuments, elegant in their own way. Hope descendants of the veterans memorialized here find your post when they search online!

    1. Yes, I hope so too. I've had a few of those comments on other posts, always makes me happy.


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