Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Travel Tuesday/Tombstone Tuesday - Calvin Coolidge Homestead

I'm still at my slide scanning project, planning to be finished scanning my dad's slides before the holidays start this fall. This weekend I scanned these slides which were taken at the Calvin Coolidge Homestead, I believe in the summer of 1953.

I never heard about this trip from Dad, so I have done a little bit of digging online to at least identify the buildings. The Homestead is actually a Homestead District in Plymouth Notch, VT that "preserves many of the historic buildings that Coolidge knew in his youth", according to the National Park Service website. These include his birthplace, boyhood home, his father's store, the homes of friends and relatives, their church and more. It sounds very interesting, something I'll have to add to my own bucket list.

When Dad visited, though, the Coolidge properties were still owned by John Coolidge, the President's youngest son. He donated the Coolidge home and furnishings to the state of Vermont in 1956.

Without this photo, I wouldn't have known where the others were taken.
Calvin Coolidge took the oath of office here in 1923 after the sudden death of President Harding (on this day in 1923 as it happens). The oath was administered by his father, a notary public.

It certainly appears that the family was still living here in 1953.
John Coolidge owned this store, his son, Calvin was born in the attached home.
Birthplace of Calvin Coolidge.

Calvin Coolidge lost his younger son, Calvin Jr., at the age of 16. He died from blood poisoning as the result of an infected blister. They are buried next to each other at Plymouth Notch Cemetery. Seven generations of Coolidges are buried there.