Thursday, August 25, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday - Crucifixes and a Cross

I thought since we've been on the subject of Dad's ordinations for the last three weeks that I would share these crucifixes and cross that I found in the basement stash last year.

Dad's faith was complicated by his leaving the Church and it wasn't something that he ever really wanted to talk about, so I unfortunately don't know anything about any of these treasures. I do remember the first two hanging in our home when I was little.

This one is now in my back hall, over a collection of photos of Dad.

This one has a temporary home for now, until we have the room repainted and rearrange some furniture.

These are a mystery. I don't remember seeing them before last September and neither does my mother.

I only know that they were Dad's and that is enough to make them treasures.


Wendy said...

The carved one is especially interesting. There is a missions group that visits our church selling carvings from wood from the Holy Land. I wonder if there is any significance to your dad's cross.

Anna Matthews said...

Thank you for that thought, I wonder if any of them came from my grandparents' trip to the Near East in 1938.