Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Carl Johan Anderson and Mathilda Alfina Johnson

My paternal grandmother's parents were married on August 4, 1893 at Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Emmanuel Church, now known simply as Emmanuel Lutheran Church, in South Manchester, CT.

This photo is from the awesome basement stash, one of my favorite finds. So far, it is the only wedding photo that I have of any of my great-grandparents.

I just want to see those shoes my great grandmother is wearing and I definitely want to know how they got through the ceremony in those clothes in August with no air conditioning!

This is the church today, not the same building that my great-grandparents were married in, unfortunately. I'm hoping one of these days that I can get a photo of the original church from the local historical society or church archives.

Carl and Alfina had three children; Axel Heinrich Wilhelm, Elmer Carl Ragnar and Dagmar Alice Viola. They were married just shy of 62 years when my great-grandmother died in 1955. The photos below are from their Golden Anniversary on August 4, 1943.

Behind my great-grandmother (seated) is my grandmother, Dagmar.
The boy is my father, Stephen.